Collected off SeaHam beach North East of England

by Joan Laverick
(Durham North East UK)

Seaham North East England

Seaham North East England

~ submitted by Joan Laverick in Durham North East UK

Hi Everyone,

My name is Joan and I live in the North East of England near Seaham beach.

It's the place where in the 1800's they would tip all the glass from the end of the day over the cliffs into the sea.

I often harvest multicoloured pieces like this one.


~ submitted by Joan Laverick in Durham North East UK

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Mar 17, 2017
Newcastle Seaham visit
by: Carol

My sisters and I are coming to Newcastle in May on a family genealogy trip. I hunt seaglass and want to go to Seaham about May 20. 2017. Would love any advice or help. We will probably not have a car.

Thank you.

My gr gr grandparents were James and Bridget McAndrew. My gr grandfather worked in the mines when he was 12. Any information on that history would be great too.

Thanks, Carol
clcjudd (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Hotels in Newcastle

Apr 08, 2015
Going to England next month
by: Sue

Hello All,

I am going to England and Scotland the end of May.

We will be in Edinburghedinburgh sea glass scotland for a couple of days and want to take the train to Seaham.

Does anyone know where the train station is and is it easy access to the beach?

Which beach is best for hunting?

We would love to spend a few hours there as that will be the closest we will get to the area.

Any info. will be helpful.
Thank you in advance.


Nov 15, 2013
To Bob re: stained glass window
by: Anonymous

This is a very late reply, so you may have already made your window,but here is what I did.

I collected some old windows with the glass intact and puttied/glued the glass securely.

I started using transparent glass pieces available in craft stores.

Then I started using some "manufactured" sea glass as well, because I don't have enough of the real stuff to use yet.

Buy silicone glue, or aquarium sealant glue.

I'm sure there are different names in the UK, but look for a glue in a tube.

It should go on transparent and dry transparent, and be waterproof.

You can either spread an area with the glue and put the pieces on it, or apply the glue to each piece separately.

I made several small windows 3 years ago and they have been hanging outdoors year round for three years and are in good shape.

I had a bad experience grouting them, and I haven't figured out how to do it correctly yet, so I've just left it with the pieces pretty close together, or left areas of clear glass.

Jul 30, 2013
large glass
by: Anonymous


i have also got 2 the size of snowballs, one is white the other is like a cream green with other color lines in it...make GREAT
paper Weight's

^^^^ i think these are, waste cut off's ^^^^

i also give my away to my sister she makes things with the glass, so hope i did not give away aloud of money lol

Jul 30, 2013
Value of sea glass
by: Dave

Found a ball of sea glass at Seaham bigger than a cricket ball.

Is it worth anything?

Jul 12, 2013
Eastshaw guesthouse seaham
by: mick

Please check out Eastshaw Guesthouse at Seaham.

It's located on the seafront.

You have your own living room with wood burning stove to warm yourselves after a good days seaglass hunting.

It's very popular with seaglass hunters.

Check them out on tripadvisor and their own website.

They also have a delightful holiday cottage at the nearby hamlet of Dalton Le dale

Jul 12, 2013
Seaham - cold and wet!
by: Vivian

Hi Denise

You can read down this thread for info on the weather, clothing etc. But to help...

Last November I stayed at Massimo's and had a wonderful time! Food was fantastic and the hosts are lovely people.

It rained NONSTOP and my hosts were kind enough to lend me rain pants.

I went through several pairs of warm fingerless gloves (so you can pick up the glass and stay somewhat warm!) and hats each day and dried them on their radiators at night.

Also needed: A raincoat with visor to shield off the rain (I ruined two umbrellas in the wind!), rubber boots and WARM pants, sweaters and socks!

I would suggest bringing those things if you are determined to hunt in any weather!

Of course, you might NOT get all the rain I did, so watch the long range weather forecast!

Good luck to you and your mom!


Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say about staying in Seaham England at TripAdvisor

Jul 11, 2013
Going to Seaham mid-October
by: Denise

My husband, sister and I will be in Seaham, England in mid-October.

What will the weather be like?

How should we dress for sea glassing?

Where can we stay?

Good places to eat or drink?

We will be there for 3-4 days...any advice or help will be greatly appreciated!


May 13, 2013
Seaham Beaches, NE England
by: Rose

I just returned from England a couple of weeks ago. My mother and I went to Seaham April 20-25,2013.

The weather was great and the sea glass phenomenal!!!

I haven't uploaded any of my pics yet, but the trip was well worth it.

The locals are very friendly and helpful with information.

I found many wonderful multi color pieces as well as single colors (reds, oranges, yellows, teals).

Also, if anyone is looking for black sea glass, definitely make the walking trip south of the main Seaham beach to Blast Beach.

Blast Beach had copious amounts of black glass and proved much better for porcelain pieces.

I would absolutely go again I had the chance.

Apr 12, 2013
Ride share to Seaham?
by: Linda


I have been enjoying this site.

I will be in London the week of April 21 through the 27 and was wondering if there is any plan of a group traveling to Seaham for collecting.

I will check back for any response.

Thank you! Happy collecting.

Feb 06, 2013
Group for seaglass hunting in England!
by: Vicky

Does anyone know if there will be a group from the U.S. going over to England (Seaham) to look for seaglass?

I saw the post regarding getting a group together to do this, but did not get a reply back.

Happy hunting!


Feb 04, 2013
Do you Like this page?
by: Lin at Odyssey

If you are finding this page interesting and informative, PLEASE click the "Like" button at the top of the page.

Thank you very much :-)

Feb 01, 2013
Going to England to find seaglass!
by: Vicky

Hi Lynn,
Just in case for any reason I am not able to get back on this website, my email address is:


This is Vicky (who wrote about going to England to find glass after reading your post today)


Hope to hear from you!

Feb 01, 2013
by: Vicky McDonald

Hi Lynn,

I hope that you see my post.

I was born in MA and grew up in Scitate (the south shore) and now live in Florida with my husband.

We go back to MA once a year, we both have family there.

I used to look for seaglass as a child and teenager every day even in winter and still do when I go back home!

I love the thrill of finding seaglass, although very little to find there anymore... unfortunately!

Please let me know if you are serious about getting a group together to go to England to look for glass, I would love to make that trip!

Please let me know if you think it possible and when you would like to go.

I have been to England once, but did not make it to the coast to look for seaglass!

Vicky McDonald

Jan 26, 2013
Lynn's help
by: tom

Hi Lynn

I go a lot to the beach at Seaham, and pick for my sister who lives miles away ! lol...

You need to park if in car or just walk to the north beach just outside the main front of Seaham, car park area is called vine tempest view point.

Best time to go is NOW winter months, but that also brings you the trouble with rain,snow, but I have also noitced it's always warmer at the north beach than anywhere else in the last couple of weeks.

I have over 1000s in just 2 weeks colour is red, full range of blue, loads of green, orange, brown, full range of white but too much of it lol.

I have also got many photos will have to upload some, sometime, I have got some stunning glass.

Bit of info on the beach.
  • It changes everyday.
  • Very strong tide at Seaham.
  • One day its a lovely beach, next you need very stong walking boots. Goes from sand to rocky stones every other day.
Please checkout local tide table.

I use the  click on Coast & sea, click tide tables, north east, 189 seaham.

Hope this helps you,


Jan 26, 2013
Hi, it's me again!!
by: Lynn

I wrote a question on 1/13/13...think that was the date.

It was about collecting sea glass in Seaham.

I live in MA, USA and think it would be great fun to go there with a small group of people!!

Anyone out there interested??

I am an artist and make all kinds of things with sea glass.

Jan 15, 2013
Seaham Beach - Best Time= Worst weather!
by: Anonymous

The best time for sea glass is also the worst time: winter brings the storms that bring in the glass, but it is not for the faint of heart.

I was there late November. It NEVER stopped raining and I needed rain pants and rubber boots and even so I had to stop every few hours to warm up and change clothes/gloves etc. And even then there were 2-3 other hunters out each time I went.

Hope this helps!


Jan 13, 2013
Please help
by: lynn

Can anyone tell me the best time of yr. to hunt glass in Seaham?

it sounds terrific, but I can't seem to find much in depth info.

Are there ever any small groups that go?

thanks for any helpful info!!!


Dec 01, 2012
Seaham Beach
by: Anonymous

I find it amazing Joan that you criticize people on facebook for mentioning Seaham beach in their photos of sea glass.

Then you have a whole article on here and in the local press about Seaham Beach Sea Glass.

Dec 01, 2012
Just back from Seaham! Amazing!!!!
by: Vivian

Just back from the most amazing trip to Seaham!!!!

Pounds of glass, lots of multis and blue, green and yellow milk glass, nice shades of blues, a few reds, even some yellows!!

All despite AWFUL weather. Everyone told me to go in winter as in summer the beaches are crawling with hunters!

Also, unlike photos I have seen, every square inch of the beach was covered with rocks making the hunting difficult (especially with rain in your face!) but SO rewarding (and yes my back is still killing me!).

I saw 1-3 other hunters out on even the nastiest of days even so.

The weather was so bad I had to go in to get dry clothes at least twice each day...this is when the tracks and fields were so flooded the trains were cancelled!

The BEST place to stay is fairly is called Massimo's.

It is steps from the beach and is run by a lovely couple...Lisa is English and Italian and Massimo (the best chef ever!) is Italian.

The food was incredible and the room lovely. I think it would be fine with kids.

Massimo, Lisa and their staff went way out of their way to be helpful and accommodating... drying my wet clothes and even providing me with ski pants one day so I could stay out longer without the rain running down my legs into my 'Wellies" (rain boots).

You have to time the tides carefully as the waves are ROUGH and hopefully even time it for the weather if you can, but winter is definitely the time to go... the glass was AMAZING!

Aug 04, 2012
Still Glass finds on the beach?
by: Anonymous

I am hoping to come to England in the fall to experience the beautiful seaglass finds in Seaham.

Can you still find an abundance of glass there or is it picked over?

Are the fences down now for easier access?

Thank you for your help!



Jun 14, 2012
Best place for Seaham sea glass?
by: JayBee

As I am going to drive a long way to visit this exciting beach and will only have one day to do my searching, could anyone tell me which is the best pert of the beach to find glass and where the nearest car park is.

I don't want to waste loads of time trying to find my bearings.

Very many thanks......

May 16, 2012
Accommodation next to Seaham Beech
by: Eastshaw guesthouse


Please check out Eastshaw Guesthouse in Seaham Harbour. We specialise in bespoke accommodation for travellers wishing good food, homemade bread and comfort. We are 40 yards away from the sea in Seaham
Please see what our guests have said on tripadvisor.

Or see our website at

We also have a delightful cottage in Dalton le Dale

Many thanks

Sea Glass Seaham England hotels
Eastshaw Guesthouse, Seaham, England
“The Best B & B we have stayed at!” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed May 11, 2012
"This was an amazing find for us. The balance of high professionalism combined with making us feel welcomed and relaxed was wonderful. MIck and Julie were keen for us to have a lovely holiday and they succeeded."  More Reviews...

Apr 24, 2012
Future visit to Seaham
by: Marion

Hello, I am a seaglass collector of many years but have recently started making wire wrapped jewellery out of my finds.

I had never heard of Seaham or its rich variety of seaglass until recently when I joined the on-line group Sea Glass Collectors and Artists.

But now I am keen to visit Seaham to enrich my collection of sea glass. However I cannot find on the Internet any details of B&B's in the area.

Is there somewhere you can recommend, somewhere with good public transport as I don't drive.


~ by David at OdysseySeaGlass.  We're not sure how close this is to public transportation, but take a look at what other travellers recommend Here is the top-rated lodging in Durham, England:

Sea Glass Seaham England
The Seaton Lane Inn - Ranked #1 of 5 Seaham B&B and Inns-5.0 of 5 stars 28 Reviews
"Great Place to stay... stayed for three nights over the Easter weekend and could not fault it in any way. Staff were great and nothing was too much trouble for them, food was fantastic and beds were..."

Mar 20, 2012
seaham beach
by: Anonymous

you can not access the beach right now from the docks area, its all fenched off..and the north shore
from the docks is going through what looks like
cliff blocks placed onto the beach to stop the cliffs getting washed away..

anyone know a better way onto the beach at seaham.
without the long walk please say mam can not walk very far

Jun 28, 2010
Seaham Glass
by: Anonymous

My sister and I are going to be in Seaham England in August to collect sea glass.

Joan....I think we met you and your husband last summer. We are from Texas.

We are really excited to start our sea glass hunt!

Ooooh Woooowww! Let us know how it goes! You might search this site for other posts, since there is a nice couple there who are into sea glass...I just don't have time to look it up at the moment!

David and Lin (Odyssey Sea Glass folks)

Apr 22, 2010
Origin of Seaham Sea Glass
by: Toni

My entire family grew up in Seaham and I remember many a summer collecting sea glass in all manner of colours.

We are very fortunate in the sea glass stakes as we did indeed have a bottleworks right on the coast line between the docks and the pit where

I'm sure a percentage of the "end of day" glass came from, copy and paste the link below for more info on the bottleworks and how old some of your glass may be. :)

Mar 22, 2010
England Trip 2010 Seaham and other sea glass?
by: Mrs B & Miss O

The two of us (mother & daughter)will be in England from June 15th to July 7th, seeing the British Heritage Sights and scouring the beaches whenever possible.

Will be driving from the North Devon coastline all the way up to Edinburgh. Seaham's North Beach is one of the stops we're going to be making along the way. We simply tremble with anticipation. this the only beach where "end of day" sea glass can be found?

Were there no other glass companies located along the seacoasts of England or Scotland in years past?

Can anyone suggest other beaches that we should comb?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Mar 22, 2010
Lots of Sea-Glass
by: Bob

I've been strolling on the coasts of Northeast England for many years, and once found a curious glass 'egg' which got me started on sea-glass collecting.

The 'Egg' is perfect, just under 2 inches in diameter and weighs nearly 3 ounces, nothing I have found since matches this piece, but I have a few thousand pieces of sea-glass from perfect end-of day glass multicoloured pieces to tubs full of small ear-ring or pendant size gems. I've probably got 30 or 40 really special pieces with multicoloured inclusions or bubbles inside.

I was going to start making jewelery from it all, but think now I might make it into one very large (about a meter square) stained glass window for a new house we are building. I would welcome any tips as to how this might be done!

Feb 17, 2010
Purchase glass from SeaHam Beach
by: Margi Walters

Hi Steve,
I would be interested in purchasing some of your beach glass.
Please contact me at margiwalters(at)
Thank you, Margi

Feb 17, 2010
Seaham Beach Glass
by: Anonymous

Hi Joan, I'm interested in purchasing some of your beach glass.
Please contact me at margiwalters (at)
Thank you in advance, Margi

Feb 01, 2010
Looking to purchase
by: John

Just started collecting and would like to purchase sea glass from England. If you have some for sale, please let me know. Thank you, John jjk216 (at)

Jan 27, 2010
ever had this stuff test in a lab?
by: Anonymous

has anyone ever had this stuff tested in a lab to see the real age of it ? i bet some are alot older then you think :) cheers all :)

Dec 18, 2009
Great pic of Seaham sea glass
by: Anonymous

Wow, that's really nice!

Nov 18, 2009
by: Sea Glass Luver

Hi Steve,

Just found this site about Seaham Beach.

I'd really be interested in seeing more photos of what you're collecting in the way of frosty smooth colourful MULTIS (end-of-day coloured sea glass) and prices.

Thank you! :~)

You're so lucky to have access to this one-of-a-kind beach! Cheers!

Oct 28, 2009
Hi Steve
by: Anonymous

Hi Steve. I am interested in purchasing some

please drop me a Line at info (at)

thank you very much.

Best. Don in Maine 207/766-1313

Oct 18, 2009
Steve's offer of Seaham glass
by: DMG

I would be interested in your sea glass from Seaham. Please contact me at Dorth51 (at)


Oct 03, 2009
prices on seaham sea glass
by: Anonymous

Is it possible for you to submit a price list on your site and some examples of your work for us to study

Sep 25, 2009
Steve's offer - Seaham sea glass
by: Judith


I'd be really interested. I make mosaics and stained glass and have been thinking for some time of including sea glass.

judithamilton (at)

Sep 07, 2009
Seaham beach wow
by: steve

I now regularly collect beach glass from Seaham beach uk it has become so addictive to see these jewels amongst the sand and rocks but please could someone put me in touch with someone that might be interested in taking what I have collected so far.

Kind regards Steve !!!

Aug 22, 2009
some of the nicest i have found!
by: Suzanne

I used to live up near Durham and used to go to seaham beach, i collected quite a lot of sea glass and most of it was really nice, lovely and rounded and crystalline also found quite a few unsusual pieces such as old marbles, one piece i have almost resembles a glass can't be!! :oD

Jul 21, 2009
Let's go.....!
by: David

08/07/2009 2:30:17 PM
Hi David,

It's Bill and Joan from Durham City North East of England
We love reading your posts.
Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009 11:06 PM
Hi Bill and Joan,

Thanks so much for your kind note! It is nice to hear from our fellow sea glass fans and I will save this encouraging little letter.

Enjoy your day,
David and Lin
08/07/2009 3:41:02 PM
Hi David and Lin

We work our local Beach which is world famous Seaham in the north east of UK. May we ask a question? as you can see Joan a nice blue when it is dry you cannot sea the colour very well but if you wet it all the colour shows how do we get it so the colour can be seen when its dry I hope I have explained it ok

Thursday, July 09, 2009 12:45 AM
Hi Bill,

Yes, Seaham is a place we would love to visit some day.

It looks like some excellent finds in your pics. With dark glass that is very frosted, as you note, the color is hidden. So what you might do is use a light oil such as lavendar oil or plain mineral oil. Just put a few drops on the surface and rub it around.

To restore the original frosted look, just wash with water and detergent .

Thanks David,

If you ever come to this part of the UK, we will take you to Seaham finds every few seconds. We live 20 minutes away.

Boy, does it produce lovely sea glass. Thanks for sharing the info.

It's 00:54 here so off to bed, have a great day,


Jul 18, 2009
You are so lucky!
by: Maxine

Wow Joan you are so fortunate to have access to such interesting, historical and beautiful pieces of seaglass!

I only found out about "end of day" glass about a year ago and i would love to know more about the history of it.

Where I live we never find anything more exciting than white, brown or green glass with the odd tiny bit of blue or red if you're really really lucky.

I have lots of relatives living in England, I will have to ask them to look out for seaglass for me if they go to the right places on the coast!

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