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Sea Glass Canada, Beach Glass Canada, Canadian Beach Glass

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Beaches in Canada that are known for beach glass.

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Find Canadian sea glass and happy hunting!

Although these beaches have been reported to have sea glass, NOT ALL HAVE BEEN VERIFIED.  Please don't plan an expensive vacation based solely on an unverified beach! Please do help everyone out by accurately reporting your beach finds. (Click for "How to Grade Sea Glass")
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Sea Glass CANADA- East Coast

Prince Edward Island

Donahue Beach, P.E.I.

"I usually find 3-4 blue pieces each time I walk the beach. My family has also found red and orange."

Rated: Good 6-15 jewelry grade pieces found per hour. Added by Tracy (Thank you, Tracy!

Myrick's Shore, Prince Edward Island

New Dominion, Prince Edward Island

Souris, Prince Edward Island, Canada (click for info)

West Point Lighthouse Restaurant, P.E.I. Rated: Good (6-15 jewelry grade pieces found per hour. Added by Paula (Thank you, Paula!)

Souris, PEI, Canada

New Brunswick

Travel to New Brunswick Canada
For adventure, relaxation, history, warm water beaches, and camping. With a wide range of accommodations and attractions as well as being covered in forest and surrounded by water, no wonder it's known as the Picture Province.

Grand Manan, New Brunswick, Canada - Rated: Good (6-15 jewelry grade pcs. found per hour) Added by: Melanie Smith (thanks, Melanie!)

Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada

Beresford Beach, New Brunswick

Cap Lumiere New Brunswick (
click here for more info)

Campobello Island, New Brunswick

Caraquet, New Brunswick

Murray Beach Provincial Park

Parc l'Aboiteau Beach, NB, Canada

Parlee Beach, Shediac, NB

Passmaquoddy, New Brunswick

Pointe du Chene, NB

Pointe Verte, NB

New River Beach near Saint John New Brunswick


Nova Scotia

Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. Rated: Good (6-15 jewelry grade pcs. found per hour) Comments: Pretty much any part of the beach along Antigonish. Added by: Robyn (Thanks, Robyn!)

Brier Island, Nova Scotia, Canada - The best places to look on the Island are in and around the old docks when the tide is out...Sea glass is everywhere on the island and different colors are available. Added by: Melanie Smith (Thanks, Melanie!)

Wow, all of the beaches listed have yielded a wonderful selection of beach glass.  I traveled to Briar's Island last summer and found more glass on this beach than any other I have been on. Added by: Cinnamon Skye  (Thanks, Cinnamon!)

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia (specific beaches not specified)

Grosses Coques, Nova Scotia

Liverpool, Nova Scotia (nearby)

Northumberland Strait Beaches in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada - The beaches in this area enjoy access to the North Atlantic Ocean and the St. Lawrence Seaway
Added by: Nancy Gillis (Thanks, Nancy!)

Old Bourneuf Wharf, Nova Scotia

Port Saunders, Newfoundland -
(read and see...)

St. Mary's Bay, Nova Scotia

Beau Bois, Marystown, Newfoundland, Canada (New Labrador)

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Sea Glass  CANADA - Great Lakes

Cherry Beach, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - red sea glass find

Erieau, Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada

Lake Erie, Blenheim, ON, Canada

Salt Cay, Ontario, Canada. Rated: Fair to Good - very small island south of Provo - I would rate it as fair to good.) Added by: Val McCutcheon (Thanks, Val!)

Grand Bend, Ontario

Kingston, Ontario

North shore of Lake Ontario

Scarborough Bluffs, Ontario, Canada  - Added by: Haina (Thanks, Haina!)

St. Catharines, Ontario

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Sea Glass  CANADA-  West Coast

British Columbia

Botanical Beach, Port Renfrew, BC

Cates Bay, Bowen Island, British Columbia

Crescent Beach

Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver, BC

Tulista Park Beach, Sidney, BC

Jericho Beach, Vancouver, Canada

Locarno and Spanish Banks in Vancouver

Chesterman Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Crescent Beach

Long Beach, Vancouver Island

Maben's Beach, Vancouver Island, Canada

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Vancouver Island

Pacheena Bay, Vancouver Island

Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island

Sidney Harbour shoreline, BC

Sidney (Glass Beach) Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Tofino, Vancouver Island

Victoria, beach next to ferry, Vancouver Island

Dallas Road, Victoria, BC - (Read and see...)

West Coast Trail Beaches, Vancouver Island

White Rock, Vancouver

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