My A Piece - Ontario Sea Glass

by Linda
(Ajax, Ontario, Canada)

My A Piece - Ontario Sea Glass

My A Piece - Ontario Sea Glass

~ Submitted By: Linda - Ajax, Ontario, Canada

I found this today on a Lake Ontario beach close to my house.

It appears as if two pieces of glass were grouted together.

I was looking for a piece to use in a necklace I am making for my sister and since her name is Anne and the piece sort of resembles an A I call it my A piece.

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Oct 29, 2011
My A Piece
by: Anonymous

Very Cool!

Sep 04, 2009
We have them in Puerto Rico too
by: Anonymous

Have found similar pieces in Guayama, Puerto Rico. They are grey on one side and white on the other. There seems to be some rubbery substance holding the sides together. Mine I don't give up. They are very chunky about 1"x 1 1/2" and about 1/2" thick.

Sep 02, 2009
Great find
by: hibiscuslane

It appears to have been tossed by the waves for some time to be so smooth. Quite the find, Anne will be so pleased!

Sep 01, 2009
A glass
by: patricia smith

What a nice gift that will make, lucky piece of glass!!I would not give that one up! Enjoy

Aug 31, 2009
Privacy glass block
by: Nick-Seaglass Dreams

Hi Linda, what you might there is a piece of square glass block like the type they use for some showers and privacy walls. Since theirs some grout still attached It's very possible that this is what it is! Hope this helps......Nick

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