Sea Glass in Brier Island Nova Scotia

by Darcy Renee, Melanie Smith

2017 June - Brier Island Sea Glass Marble

Brier Island Nova Scotia Sea Glass Marble

Our first marble. Found June 3rd, 2017 on Brier Island Nova Scotia

Posted by Darcy Renee Nickerson on Facebook >>>  Sunday, June 4, 2017

2009 August  - Sea Glass - Brier Island Report

~ sea glass report submitted by Melanie Smith in Moncton N.B.

Sea glass has become a favorite past time of mine over the last few years. I collect it whenever I can and go all over the place to find it.

When I visited Brier Island, Nova Scotia, I never expected to find such great sea glass and in such large amounts. If you have the time, you can find great sea glass here, large and small pieces which are great for jewelry.
Brier Island Sea Glass Nova Scotia(Photo ByJimmuck)

The best places to look on the Island are in and around the old docks when the tide is out, go under the docks and start your search.

You can also find sea glass over by Peters Island light, drive to the end of the Island and park your car so you are looking at Peters Island light. To find the sea glass you will need to go over the bank to the left of your car and go along the shore.

Sea glass is everywhere on the island and different colors are available.

I find searching for sea glass to be relaxing but fun at the same time, and I hope all you sea glass fanatics will have as much fun as I do searching for sea glass.

If you stay on Brier Island, a good place to stay is at the Brier Island lodge.

They have a restaurant on site and farm animals around the ground and trails to explore.

There is also a great view of the ocean from the lodge grounds. You can even get water view rooms which are great.

The rooms at the lodge are not luxury so don't expect a fancy hotel but they are clean and reasonably priced and very comfortable.

Have fun on your expeditions.

~ sea glass report submitted by Melanie Smith in Moncton N.B.


Added Notes:

Brier Island is frequently inundated by fog and has witnessed 57 recorded shipwrecks (Wikipedia)!

Also, summer water temperatures are some of the warmest north of Virginia, USA.

It is also the home island of Joshua Slocum, the first man to sail solo around the world. In fact, his book "Sailing Alone Around the World" published in 1957 has been one of my favorites since the year it was written. Am I saying something about my age? LOL

David (editor)

Where to stay? Find out why travelers rated A La Maison D'amitie B&B a superb 9.4 while vacationing near Brier Island.


Aug 06, 2009
Fun on Briar Island
by: Melanie Smith

If you are looking for a fun attraction outside of your sea glass hunting on Briar Island, find the Briar Island Whale and Sea Bird Cruises and go on a whale tour.

They are one of the best in the area and well worth the money you pay.

The rates are good to for a whale tour and they make sure you see something.

Lots of fun.

Apr 14, 2010
Children First - Brier Island Sea Glass
by: Anonymous

Thanks for visiting our island.Please return and enjoy,but please do leave some sea glass for the children to find. Too many folks are carting away all they can find/hold.

Sea glass was plentiful when everything came in glass bottles and garbage was strewn on the shore - 1960's and before.

Locals are finding themselves having to buy glass to smash ( for tourists and for local children )and it needs at least two or three winters before it is smooth.

We value all children and hope each one is able to take home a few 'pretties'. Their joy upon finding something 'special' far outweighs hoarding by adults and/or all the jewelry money can buy.

May 22, 2012
Secret Spots / RE: Children First / Joshua Slocum
by: Brier Island Local

Love that comment!

A lot of people now are taking their glass to smash to secrets spots on the island which shouldn't be.

I don't have a problem with it.

But, everyone takes SO much and don't leave any for children to pick up or anything so having a secret spot is a good idea for locals.

Joshua Slocum's father's boot shop has now been transformed into a gift shop for local artisans.

It's called Slocum's Boot Shop/ Hooking by the Sea Gift Shop.

The name of the boat that Joshua Slocum sailed around the world on was called the Spray.

One of the spare ferries for the islands (Long & Brier Island) is also named the Spray!

Love this site :)

Comments for Sea Glass in Brier Island Nova Scotia

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Oct 11, 2020
The days of sea glass are gone as result of people over picking for commercial, resale .a lor of our wharfs are on private property and people need to stay of.
by: Stan beck

Some sea walls are now unsafe and rocks are eroding which makes it unsafe to walk on.
So please stay off them. Thank you

Jan 01, 2019
Sea glass private property
by: Anonymous

The days after sea glass are gone.the beaches on water street are privately owned and no one should be trespassing. Please respect posted signs and keep of these beaches.

Mar 10, 2018
Brier Island
by: Anonymous

Brier Island along the waterfront in the past had lots of seaglass until people started harvesting for commercial purposes.

At one time you could get large multi colored pieces but this has now gone. now you only find small pea size in white, green and brown.

Gone are the days when your children, grandchildren could go on the beach and get a handful of seaglass and be happy.

Now people come with their lunch paid and buckets hoping to find a buckful of seaglass, sorry those days are gone.

Leave what left for pleasure not business.

sea glass nova scotia reports and photos

Apr 17, 2017
Any photos?
by: David

You posted this great report awhile back and I'm just looking at it again.

Do you have any photos of the sea glass or the beaches there?


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