Nov 2017 Inverness , Nova Scotia.

by Shirley
(Coldbrook , Nova Scotia )

4 hours of beachcombing on Inverness beach while on a day trip.

I would have stayed all day if I could but the tide was coming in.

I'm planning on going back in the spring and hoping to gather even more!

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Nov 28, 2017
Inverness & beyond
by: Gayle B

Hi Shirley, for Eastern Passage, I usually go to the McCormack's beach at Fishermans cove but it is a pretty clean beach so glass is hit or miss. I havent looked for glass on Macnabs yet.It is likely a good spot though. The trails on the island are good so it's a great place to hike & picnic too. There's a boat you can get from Eastern Passage. Remember to bring water and a snack as there is no facilities there other than porta potties. Happy hunting

Nov 16, 2017
by: Shirley

I agree Gail. The sun helps a lot especially when looking for the Amber sea glass.

I hear that McNabs Island is a great place to find sea glass as well. I have to make a trip there sometime in the spring.

I tried Blomidon beach as well but the tide was coming in quite quickly and I got there a little later than I should have.

I wonder if there is any around Eastern Passage. Have you looked there?

Nov 10, 2017
fall in NS
by: Gayle B

I must get up to Inverness some time. I hear it is always a good spot for glass.

We have been spoiled with the gorgeous weather this fall in Nova Scotia.

I was out yesterday at a beach on Halifax Harbour. I got there just as the tide was going out so it was great. Afternoon sun is a good angle to show up the glass. I should have brought a bigger Zippy bag :-)

Nov 10, 2017
thanks !
by: sgirley

I was so excited ! Especially finding the cobalt blue. Next time I plan on staying the whole darn day ( if my back and legs will allow it haha ) I am hooked !

Nov 09, 2017
Great Catch!
by: Anonymous

Great catch Shirley!

Nov 08, 2017
Amazing find!
by: Marylyn

4hrs collecting and this is your hoard!
Love it.
That must have been so much fun?
And look - I can see some beautiful cobalt blue glass.
That's always been my greatest wish, to find some that colour.
Thank you for sharing.
Melbourne, Australia

Nov 08, 2017
by: Tammy

That's awesome! Were you like a kid in a candy shop:) Have fun in the spring.

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