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Where To Find Sea Glass - Best Beaches

Where to find sea glass - all over the world, where people like you have reported finding sea glass! 

Where to find sea glass

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Important Note:

Although these beaches have been reported to have sea glass, NOT ALL HAVE BEEN VERIFIED.

Please don't plan an expensive vacation
based solely on an unverified beach! Please do help everyone out by accurately reporting your beach finds.


Collecting sea glass but would like to know more about where where to find sea glass?

Or are you planning on taking a trip to the beach and want to know if there good beaches for sea glass in that area?

Are there really that many beaches where you can find sea glass? Where are the best beaches for collecting sea glass? Don't have time to do the research because you're on vacation?

This list of where to find sea glass on good beaches where others have found it was compiled as a labor of love. Just remember that we cannot vouchsafe the quantity or quality of the sea glass on these beaches.  (See NOTES and Factors Affecting Some Beaches)

          Links to Great Vacation Getaways                      

Central America - Explore Beautiful El Salvador
Explore and discover El Salvador as a new travel destination in the heart of Central America.

Louisiana Gulf Coast
Beaches, Cajun country & tourism.

Panama - Islands and Beaches of Panama
With countless islands and coastline on both the Caribbean and Pacific, Panama literally has so many beaches...

Australia - Collector's Paradise-Beaches of Victoria

Ideas on family getaways and fun things to see and do with your loved ones in and around magnificent Melbourne.

Island of Menorca
With 200 beaches, from the sandy beaches of the south to the rocky coves of the north, visitors are literally spoilt for choice.

Where to find sea glass in:  

Sea Glass - AFRICA

Sea Glass in South Africa

Camps Beach - Cape Town, South Africa - "Ok, just returned from Cape Town - found a TON of sea glass out front of Camps Beach, where all the huge boulders were..." (click here to see information, scroll down to comments)

Knysna, Mossel Bay and Victoria Bay - see comments in sea-glass-in-south-africa-anyone

Somalia (Specific beach not mentioned)

(Click here to add a beach)

Where to find sea glass in:   



Wahyeon Beach, South Korea


The Eastern Coast of Russia

Where to find sea glass in:    



Honshu Island

Mutsu Bay, Honshu Island

Misawa, Honshu Island

Ishigaki Island

Kannonzake Lighthouse Park


Camp Schwab - (near Camp Schwab), a beach we call Glass Beach

Maeda Point, Okinawa

Tucuchi Beach and Torri Beach, Okinawa

White Beach, Okinawa


Dalian, Liaoning, China

Hong Kong

Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

Chung Hom Kok, Hong Kong

Taiwan (unspecified)

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Where to find sea glass in:  


Ban Saray, Thailand
Sattahip, Thailand (click here for details)
Rayong, Thailand - All on Eastern Seaboard of Thailand south of Pattaya). Rated: Fair (3-5 jewelry grade pcs. found per hour)

Added by: Carol (Thanks, Carol!)

Ko Lanta, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand

Where to find sea glass in:  


Australia - Collector's Paradise-Beaches of Victoria - Melbourne

See Australia - Sea Glass Heaven - Readers comments on Australia sea glass



New South Wales

Brighton Beach, Melbourne, Australia

Malabar Beach, Sydney, Australia

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia (click here for information, see comments)

Nielsen Park, (part of Sydney Harbour National Park) Sydney, Australia

Norfolk Island, Sydney, Australia (Sea Glass report)

Fairy Bower near Manly, Sidney, Australia. " :...on Sydney's northern beaches. I found the bottom of a 1860 Hamilton Soda bottle and the next week I went back and found the rim - now I just need the middle part! have found yellows and pinks on this beach too!"   Rated: Excellent (*no photos were included)   Added by: Gail (Thanks, Gail!)

Newcastle, New South Wales

South Australia

Port Lincoln, South Australia (click here for information, see comments)

For info on the following beaches, go to the comments section at Australia Sea Glass Heaven

Mollymook, New South Wales, Australia

North Wollongong NSW 

Kiola boatramp, Ulladulla town beach, Maleny Beach, Port Macquarie
Queensland, Maroochydore beach, Yeppoon (Emu Park under the singing ship) Townsville, along the strand

Adelaide city beaches

Robe, South Australia

Adelaide (Boomer Beach)

Adelaide (Christie's Beach)

Adelaide (Hallett Cove)

Adelaide (Seacliff)

Fleurieu Peninsula

Cemetery Beach, Norfolk Island, AU

Norfolk Island:  
Emily Bay and Slaughter Bay in Kingston.
Bumboras Beach
Rated: Excellent (*no photos were included) All clear, brown, amber and various shades of green glass. Lots of it.   Added by: Cristina (Thanks, Cristina!)

Western Australia

Cottesloe Western Australia - details

Eyre Peninsula, AU (West coast)

Rottnest Island

The north coast

Where to find sea glass in:


Akarowa Beach - click to read comments

Te Haruni Bay near Auckland, New Zealand. "Pretty decent sized pieces, found about 10 pieces of brown and green seaglass."

Added by: K&G (thanks, K&G!)

Thorne Bay, Auckland, New Zealand - Rated: Good (6-15 jewelry grade pcs. found per hour)

"Thorne Bay on Auckland's North Shore, a tiny little bay between Takapuna and Milford, the only place i've found on the North Shore to produce beautiful smooth frosty seaglass pieces, mainly white, brown, seafoam and green but occasional gems of purple, yellow and blue."

Added by: Maxine Northam (Thanks, Maxine!)

Urenui Beach - in comments

Hataitai, Wellington (Evans Bay) - click for directions

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Where to find sea glass in:  



Coco Plum Island, Belize

Gales Point, Belize (nearby)

Punta Gorda, Belize

San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

El Salvador

Central America - Explore Beautiful El Salvador




Costa Rica (general)

Jaco Beach Costa Rica

Costa Rica Vacations - Paradise and Adventure

Panama (general)

Bocas del Toro, Panama - see comments in 

Panama - Islands and Beaches of Panama

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Where to find sea glass in:  


Algiers - Mentioned finding sea glass but not specific location


Best Cyprus Beaches
Discover unspoilt beaches with hidden treasures on the shores of Aphrodite's island in the Mediterranean.

(Click here to add a beach)

Greece - Greek Isles

Cape Sounion, Greece

Chalikidiki, Greece

Thassos, Greece

Thassos Island, Kavala, Northern Greece

Andros Island

Cape Sounion


Kea Island, Greece - photo...


Mykonos Island


Patmos Island, Greece

Rhodes, Isle of - Sunwing Beach -

Sifnos Island, Greece

Skyros Island (in the Greek Sporades)

Sounion area of Athens, Greece - see photos...

Levrossos Beach, Aegialis, Amorgos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

(Click here to add a beach)


Capri, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

Gargno National Park, Southern Italy

Goiosa Ionica, Calabria, Italy

Lungomare di Siderno - near Siderno Marina - Reggio Calabria, Italy

Miramar, Calabria, Italy

Port Santo Stefano, Tuscany, Italy

Positano, Italy - Rated: Fair (3-5 jewelry grade pieces found per hour) Added by: Nicole Smith (Thanks, Nicole!)

Reggio, Calabria Gioiello (beach), Italy

Scalea, Italy (Calabria)- Rated: Good (6-15 jewelry grade pcs per hour) Added by: Christine Colella (thanks Christine!)

Sicily, Italy

Siderno Marina, Calabria (nearby beaches), Italy

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Where to find sea glass in:  


Algeciras Bay, Spain

Almeria, Spain

Barcelona, Spain - (Has seven beaches, not specified which). Rating: Not Rated. Added by: Uli  (Muchisimas gracias, Uli!)

Benicarlo, Spain

Cadiz, Spain


Calle de Mijas, Spain

Colera, Catalonia, Spain

Costa del Sol, Spain

Estepona Beach, Spain - (click here for info)


Galicia, Spain

Gilbraltar, Spain

Granada, Spain

Las Palmeras, Spain

Laxe, Galicia, Spain

Malvarrosa, Spain

Marbella,Southern Spain

Mesquida Beach

Minorca/Menorca (not specified which beach)

Island of Menorca
With 200 beaches, from the sandy beaches of the south to the rocky coves of the north, visitors are literally spoilt for choice.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Pals Beach in Province of Girona, Spain

Playa De Los Boliches,Spain

Playa Liencres, Spain (near Santander)

Puerta del Sol, Majorca, Spain

Santander, Spain (Playa Liencres)

Valencia, Spain


Praia Castelo and Praia Cohelo in Albufeira, Portugal (Algarve Region).

"Praia means "beach" in Portuguese. These beaches are up against rocks. During low tide, small caves are exposed, and up against the rocks there are lots of nice pieces of glass. I found my biggest pieces there, and some turquoise/aquamarine."

Rated: Good (*no potos were included)   Added by: Dana (Thanks, Dana!)

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Where to find sea glass in: 



Akko, Northern Israel

Mediterranean shore of Israel

Red Sea, Israel

Saudi Arabia

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - Rated: Poor (0-2 jewelry grade pcs. found per hour) "...on the red sea..."    Added by: Samara Fathuddin (Thanks, Samara!)


Mangaf Beach, Kuwait

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Choose one of the following areas:
United States

Where to find sea glass in:  

Sea Glass   MEXICO

Mexico Pacific (West Coast)

Mirador in Puerto PeƱasco - Rocky Point Mexico - in front of Pithaya Hotel Granada - Sonora, Mexico. "Frosty, clear, green, amber, 20 pieces in an hour. Dogs allowed"
Added by: Robin Miller - mexicanbeachbum (Thanks, Robin!)

Acapulco, Mexcio (Las Brisas Beach Club area)

Bucerias, Mexico (near Puerto Vallarta)

Mazatlan Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (right of main beach)

Rui Vallarta, Mexico (nearby)

Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Las Conchas Beach, Jalisco, Mexico - Rated: Fair 3-5 jewelry grade pcs. found per hour) "...many green, brown, lots of white..."

Added by: Barbara (Thanks, Barbara!)

(Click here to add a beach)

Baja Peninsula (Pacific Coast)

San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Todos Santos, Baja California, Mexico - Rated: Fair (No photos)  
"...a small pueblo north of Cabo San Lucas on the Pacific Ocean...beautiful deserted beaches..."

Added by: Joy (Thanks, Joy!)

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (Chileno Bay)

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (near Villa Del Arco)

Los Cabos, Mexico

Gulf of California

Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Mexico Caribbean (East Coast)


Cozumel, Mexico

Casa Ixchel, Isla de Las Mujeres, Mexico (nearby)

Villa La Bella, Isla de Las Mujeres, Mexico (nearby)

Playa Media luna, Isle Mujeres, Mexico - Rated: Excellent (*no photos were included)   Added by: Holly (Thanks, Holly!)

Tulum, Mexico - Tulum-Beaches.com offers information to travelers interested in visiting one of the most beautiful beaches on the Mexican Riviera with its tranquil beachside cabanas and Mayan ruins right next to the turquoise sea.

(Click here to add a beach) >

Where to find sea glass in:  



Vanuatu - (see comments)

Micronesian Islands

Angaur Island

Marshall Islands

Kwajalein Island (Glass Beach)

Solomon Islands

Guadalcanal and Bellona in the Solomon Islands (see comments)



(Click here to add a beach)

Where to find sea glass in:  

Sea Glass - South America


Huanchaco Beach near La Libertad, Peru - details

Punta Sal, Tumbes, Peru - details

Punta Veleros, Los Organos, Peru - details

Barrancas, Lima, Peru- details


Colonia, Uruguay 

We need sea glass reports for the following South America countries:
Colombia - Ecuador - Chile - Argentina - <Paraguay - Brazil - Venezuela

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Note: I've listed beaches that we've gone to as well as the beaches I found by spending hours doing extensive research on line to find beaches where folks have found sea glass.

Anyone who has the interest, time, and energy can make a list similar to this one.

Why I chose to post this list: I realize that some sea glass collectors and enthusiasts hold their "special sea glass spots" close to their chests like card players, which is fine, but I'm not one of them.

Collecting sea glass has been an activity of beachcombing for a good long while. It's not a new fad. For some families, it's practically a tradition in their families.

Even way back when, people going on holiday to the beach would bring home their found sea glass and put it in bottles or jars and place them on their windowsill.
Most folks don't live very close to a beach, and the only time they can get away to a beach is when they take vacation.

This list was principally made for them; for those who because of time constraints haven't got a lot of time to search out a place to look for sea glass.

They're sea glass enthusiasts just the same; they love what we love, and I feel this information will help them to have those memorable vacations doing what they love to do, look for sea glass. 
Please remember: If you end up going to an unfamiliar place, it wouldn't hurt to ask the locals where a good beach would be for collecting sea glass.

Just remember some are possessive about disclosing good beaches for sea glass; just don't take it personally and allow it to ruin your day.
As an aside: I can't promise you'll find sea glass if you go to one of these beaches, but it gives you an idea of the possible good beaches for sea glass.

Now, if we could only find somebody willing to pay for David and I to go looking for sea glass in all these places (hint, hint)! Sea glass heaven!

FACTORS AFFECTING BEACHES                                         

Okay, another thing, remember that your success will depend on a lot of different factors:  

The tides have a big effect on this. Some areas are more productive of sea glass at low tide, some at high tide. Some areas have more sea glass during certain times of the year. Right after storms is a good time to go in most places.

Knowing the local history of the beaches helps as well; where they dumped their garbage, boat traffic patterns, et cetera.

These factors along with others are the reasons why people have found sea glass on these beaches or why they haven't. One day a beach may have an abundance of sea glass and the next day hardly any; it depends on a lot of factors.
Happy hunting beachcombers. Check back often, as we will be updating this periodically.    

Lin Schneider, et. al.

Add a beach or a comment! Click here for sea glass reports and comments.

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