Large grey sea glass identification from Japan

by Shanna Estep
(Okinawa, Japan)

We found it at

We found it at "sea glass beach" in Nago, Okinawa, Japan

Would anyone be able to help me identify the origin of this piece?

While this piece of sea glass isn't in pristine condition, with some chipped sides and edges, it was simply too unique not to add to my collection.

It is a fairly light grey color overall, it appears to look darker on the white towel, and fairly light when held up to the sunlight.

It is 5 1/4 inches long, and a little over an inch at its largest point. One of the sides seems to have some etched lines. (see picture)

We found it at "sea glass beach" in Nago, Okinawa, Japan. This beach is a treasure trove of sea glass, table ware pieces, and some pretty amazing "bonfire" sea glass.

From what I was told: in 70's through 90's they would burn their trash on the small cliff over looking the beach, remove any large items, and push the remaining ashes, small pieces, and glass into the ocean.

This piece doesn't appear to have any burning signs what so ever.

My only conclusion is that it's maybe from a large vase???

I'd love to hear all other thoughts on what it might be.

~ By: Shanna Estep,Okinawa, Japan

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Dec 08, 2016
I have the same type of glass from Northern Japan Honshu
by: George

I have the same type of glass gray (the same when back lit as yours). I found it on Mutsu Bay Shimukita Peninsula. Shipwreck beach.

It is the same gray that some of my floats are however it does not have the curve like a broken float.

The other day I went out and found a VERY heavy square base, that was this color like it might have been a large vase or some other kind of vessel. Like 6" wide on the small side, very thick.


Nov 23, 2016
No luck, so far
by: Shanna Estep

Sadly, I haven't found any more information!

Nov 18, 2016
I have one similar from central calif
by: Anonymous

Though mine is more on the purple side. Did you find anything else out?

I don't think I can post pix in comments or I'd share :-(

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