Sea Glass Marble

by David Schneider
(Lost in the Ozone, USA)

Sea Glass marble WB
(Click on pic to zoom)
~ submitted Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wow, Lin did it again! This is the fourth marble she has found, and I haven't found one.

She found it at West Beach (Whidbey Island, WA) yesterday.

Carla, a friend on Whidbey Island, threw a couple of hundred marbles (had belonged to her father) out on the beach there a few years ago. Although she is an avid collector and logs many mile of beach combing (this beach runs about 5 miles), the last time we had talked to her about marbles, she said she had never one since.

This sea glass marble and two of the other three were probably of that batch, being "cat-eye" marbles.

The fourth sea glass marble Lin had found was a lot more worn and a solid white with a some blue running through it and apparently was a lot older.

I think women are better beach combers than men, but I'd like some comments on it from your point of view.

  • Are you male?

  • Have you noticed that the females of our race are more avid/greedy when looking for small pretty things?

  • Or am I making excuses?

Let me know. Meantime, I'm going out with a flashlight after Lin's asleep and I'm going to find marbles... lots of them.... right.

Keep on keepin' on, and enjoy yourself while you're at it.

~ David Schneider here at

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Comments for Sea Glass Marble

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copy of sea glass marble picture
by: Anonymous

Dear Davis Schneider,

How can I secure a copy of your sea glass marble picture displayed on this website?


Answer: Thank you for asking about this.

Please contact us by clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page.

We would like to remind all that photos on this site are the property of OdysseySeaGlass and/or the person submitting them.

Follow the example of Anonymous and ask before copying or using them in any way.

help identify my marbles
by: darryl

i was hunting mushrooms in central Illinois last april. in a small run off from a hill to a small creek,i found a couple of marbles in the water.

i dug in the water about 12or18 inches and kept finding marbles.some had an ore buildup almost an inch long.

a lot have impressions of other marbles imbedded in them. they vary in size. there are only 5 colors on them.white red blue green purple.the color is only on the outer most edge of the marbles.

when you get them wet you can see thru them,and they dry back foggy.when we get heavy rains i find new ones on top of the stream. they must be in a cavern in the hill.

my friend and i have about 900 of them now.we probably wont get anymore till spring thaw and rains.

i have shown these marbles to dozens of collectors. no one can tell me what they are. they look like sea marbles,but in central illinois!

i have 2 in a lab to be carbon dated and have the color analized. ishould have that report back by jan 10,2012.i will talk to anyone who has ideas about e mail is----

love2racefast267 *at*

i really need some help to figure these out. i know that i will find more because they have definitely been surfacing for many many many years.

if you are interested please contact me.

A treasure trove of sea glass marbles in Hong Kong
by: Marianne

After reading over a year ago about sea marbles I decided to go and hunt on the beach five minutes walk away from my flat.

We overlook a shipping channel and this beach is rarely visited as there is no sand.

I am now the proud owner of 51 sea marbles of different sizes and colours and some are very battered.

I have been looking now for about six months. This is a fun hobby but is hard on the eyes and at 50 gives me a fair degree of backache!!

The best time to head there is after a storm or an exceptionally low tide when I can find them lodged between rocks - it helps if they are wet as I can then see the coloured part in the middle.

I am sure that they were used as ships ballast and probably are sitting on the bottom of the sea waiting to be churned up.

Woman Better Than Men at Finding Seaglass
by: Brandon

OK, I hate to admit it... but my girlfriend is 10x better at finding seaglass than I am.

In my defense, her vision is much better; she can walk quickly standing with her back straight, not hunching over at all and spot em'.

I, having a bad back, use the sit down method (where I sit down and play in my area for a while and dig until I find something).

Is it rare to find beach marbles?
by: Daveo

Hi I was wondering, I am new to collecting sea glass, on the beach I visit I find on average two beach marbles per beach visit(about 45min of slow walking). Is this rare? Have I found a good beach? Thanks.

Carla's Marbles
by: David

I just had to mention this, Carla...since your marbles turn up every once in a long while, how about busting up some red, yellow, and orange glass and tossing it out there for us?


David and Lin

Sea glass Marbles
by: Rachel

I found my very first marble last week. :) It is beautifully frosted with no chips. It is a super pretty shade of green too- my favorite color. I could barely believe it when I saw it.

by: Carla

Do you suppose that it could be one of the marbles that I tossed out at the beach a few years ago? How cool is that!

I'm almost positive it is, Carla!!!!

David (editor)

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