What is this pretty sea glass from Okinawa?

by Vickie Martin
(Jacksonville NC)

Here's the size

Here's the size

~ Sea glass identification question submitted by Vickie Martin, in Jacksonville NC

 This piece has lines carved through it, flat and just a tad bigger than a dime.

I found this while living in Okinawa Japan while looking for sea glass.

~ Sea glass identification question submitted by Vickie Martin, in Jacksonville NC

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Comments for What is this pretty sea glass from Okinawa?

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Jan 28, 2017
Japanese Game pieces
by: Seaglassdog

Hi there, the sea glass you found is called OHAJIKI ( 御弾き )and these pieces are used on a traditional game for Japanese children.

sea glass from Japan

Players take turns flicking small, coin-shaped pieces called ohajiki with their fingers, to hit other pieces.

They're sometimes referred as flat marbles but don't you agree that OHAJIKI sounds much better!......

Have fun,

Nick aka Seaglassdog

Mar 08, 2014
I also find flat marbles.
by: Shawn

I live in New Hampshire and find many flat marbles of all different sizes and colors.

I have found 20 in the last month.

Some are as round as my middle finger and thumb put together.

Always a rich teal color. Some are smaller that the tip of my pinky finger.

I can not find any uses except Japanese games.

It's a mystery to me why there are so many.

Feb 21, 2014
Okinawa Marbles
by: Ar Schneller

The minute I saw the picture I thought how fun, an Okinawan marble. They make the coolest glass objects.

It makes me want to buy all the flat marbles I can and toss them into Lake Superior to get them tumbled back someday!

Feb 18, 2014
Vickie finds her own answer
by: David at OdysseyS

Shortly after posting this, Vickie added a link on our facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/OdysseySeaGlass, and identified this very nice piece as a flat glass "marble" used in a Japanese table game.

The link is to http://nippon-kichi.jp, where you can see the flat, bright, nicely-colored and striped flat marbles.

We'll be looking for these...hope, hope, hope...

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