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September 24, 2017

How are you doing today?

We hope everyone has been able to find cover in the recent storms as well as essential supplies.

It has really not been a good few weeks for going to the beach in many places.

Lin and I are thinking about you all and hoping your are safe and sound.

In This Newsletter:

1 - Our Store Opens Again - selling sea glass and related items

2 - Reports and Photos - recently added by are world-wide viewers

Photo from our beach:

Here's what Lin found yesterday - quite a double handful of sea glass etc but all fairly small.

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New Posts with Photos and Sea Glass Reports from Around the World

Sep 19, 2017

Blacksmiths Beach, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Newcastle NSW, Australia We went on our regular beach work yesterday at low tide and found the most sea glass we have ever found which really is a bad

Continue reading "Blacksmiths Beach, Newcastle, NSW, Australia"

Sep 15, 2017

Extreme Treasure - from beach in Connecticut

From a Beach in CT on a nice warm September day. Couldnt believe it was in plain site. First thought it was plastic I took the photos with an iphone

Continue reading "Extreme Treasure - from beach in Connecticut"

Sep 15, 2017

Can you tell me what type of bottle this is

It has a marking on the bottom looks like 01

Continue reading "Can you tell me what type of bottle this is"

Sep 11, 2017

September 10, 2017 Lake Michigan, Northern Michigan

After a long week and working the entire weekend, my wife and I thought a nice evening watching the sunset while picking beach glass would be a great way

Continue reading "September 10, 2017 Lake Michigan, Northern Michigan"

Sep 11, 2017

Lake Erie -Wheatley Ontario

Lake Erie - Beach at Holiday Harbour September 2017 Wheatley Ontario, Canada My husband and I walk the beach in the early morning, and this is what we

Continue reading "Lake Erie -Wheatley Ontario"

Sep 09, 2017

Can anyone help identify this piece of sea glass?

It is brown and relatively thick. The symbol on it is pumpkin shaped with a spike coming out of the top and bottom. Found at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth

Continue reading "Can anyone help identify this piece of sea glass?"

Sep 04, 2017

What was this when it was whole

Pressed glass. Pale pink. Interior bubbles. Found on beach in Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

Continue reading "What was this when it was whole"

Sep 02, 2017

Big Red in Nova Scotia

After a few days off work i decided to hit the beach below my home to search for a few treasures with my husband and 5yr old neice. Beautiful waves from

Continue reading "Big Red in Nova Scotia"

Aug 31, 2017

Work View

Where was this photo taken? (If appropriate, enter the beach name, city, state or province, country) Naples, FL Date, time of day, and weather conditions?

Continue reading "Work View"

Aug 30, 2017

Fort Royal, Plage de l'éventail, Saint-Malo, Bretagne, France

Fort Royal, Plage de l'éventail Saint-Malo, Bretagne, France  August 2017 100/hour See pictures here

Continue reading "Fort Royal, Plage de l'éventail, Saint-Malo, Bretagne, France"

Aug 28, 2017

Seaside Beach

Seaside Beach, CA August 22, 2017 Day 2 of a 5 day sea glass adventure and my friend and I were hoping we didn't have the bad luck we had the previous

Continue reading "Seaside Beach"

Aug 26, 2017

What is this - found on beach?

Found this recently at Horseneck Beach in Vivid USA. It looks more like a pebble than sea glass, but is such a vivid pink. Any thoughts? I'm thinking

Continue reading "What is this - found on beach? "

Aug 26, 2017

Absecon Inlet Atlantic City, NJ

Death of a Glass Beach: By Arthur Neiman: Update Atlantic City, NJ. Dear Lin, David, & fellow sea glass collectors. It is with great sadness that

Continue reading "Absecon Inlet Atlantic City, NJ "

Aug 26, 2017

Beach Glass Knobs! - August 2017 Sea Glass Photo Contest

Home > Sea Glass Photo Contest > You are here Home > East Coast Sea Glass > Ohio > You are here I have been scouring Headlands Beach

Continue reading "Beach Glass Knobs! - August 2017 Sea Glass Photo Contest"


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