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October 14 2019 Just for Sea Glass Fans - Newsletter - Latest Blurbs
October 14, 2019

How are y'all doing today?

Here in Maryland, USA, there has been a change from a long hot summer to cool fall weather. Finally.

California has been having nice beach weather but some areas of the USA are already getting slammed with winter weather.

In not too long here on the East Coast, we'll be complaining about the long cold winter. Oh well! That's human nature :)

One thing that doesn't change is the excitement of a trip to the beach, especially when looking for sea glass and other beach finds.

In this newsletter, we bring you some of the latest questions, beach reports, and finds that others have been contributing.

We encourage you to send in your photos and comments on the page of your choice.

Also, remember to use the search box at the top of all our pages if you are looking for something specific.

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New Posts with Photos and Sea Glass Reports from Around the World

Oct 14, 2019

10/3/2019 Conneaut, Ohio. Too many treasures to show them all...

Found on the shores of Lake Erie in Conneaut Ohio. Bottle Topper. 10/3/2019 Conneaut, Ohio. Too many treasures to show them all...

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Oct 14, 2019

Large beach glass from Nova Scotia - Any ideas?

Found this chunk in Nova Scotia, Canada. It’s thick and heavy and the two sides are held together by some sort of caulking. I’d love to know where it’s

Continue reading "Large beach glass from Nova Scotia - Any ideas? "

Oct 14, 2019

Looking to identify the bottle this came from by this symbol

I found this piece along the North Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. It looks like a T and possibly a c or an o inside of a circle. Any help is greatly appreciated

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Oct 14, 2019

More info on Rockaway, Oregon beach glass

This sea glass all came from Rockaway Beach, Oregon. A lot of them have a similar dome shape, and we were curious as to what these were, before they got

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Oct 14, 2019

Just wondering about this piece

Found in Cap Lumiere New Brunswick canada

Continue reading "Just wondering about this piece "

Oct 14, 2019

Wondering where this came from!

Hello! I found a teal piece in Lake Erie with a label still intact, but only a piece of it. The color is a very light teal, and the label is white. All

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Oct 14, 2019

Curious what this came from and what the symbols are

The piece of glass has the numbers 877 and 18. It also has, what looks like, a multi armed creature. It also has a wave with a line that splits underneath

Continue reading "Curious what this came from and what the symbols are"

Oct 14, 2019

Is this glass or corundom

Is this glass or corundum (sapphire/ruby) Streak test clear sg 4.01 mohs 9 color red uv light red bright yellow. Glass or saphhire.

Continue reading "Is this glass or corundom "

Oct 14, 2019

Nick, drink sea glass?

Hi, I wad wondering if anyone could help tell me where this glass may have came from. I found it about an hour from newark MD at one of the beaches. There's

Continue reading "Nick, drink sea glass?"

Oct 14, 2019


Name of the Beach Cronulla City nearest to that beach. Cronulla The state, country, or island where the beach is. NSW Rounded. Browns, greens, whites

Continue reading "Cronulla "

Oct 14, 2019

Charleston Waterfront

One day's collection at the Waterfront (and we left lots behind)

Continue reading "Charleston Waterfront"

Oct 14, 2019

Flaw to Rainbow

Found this grey beauty in Lake Ontario, Canada. Cleaned her up to find big crack. Got bummed out cause it looked like such a perfect piece. But then every

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Sep 19, 2019

Just one month collecting Sea glass on the eastern shores of NL, Canada

Just started sea glass hunting last month. To say that I'm hooked is an understatement. I'm loving it. I was so excited to find two black pieces, and two

Continue reading "Just one month collecting Sea glass on the eastern shores of NL, Canada"

Sep 15, 2019

Omaha Beach and San Malo Beach Glass France

Omaha Beach at Vierville-sur-Mer, and San Malo Beach, San Malo, both in France. The glass that we found was mostly craft grade. Green was the predominant

Continue reading "Omaha Beach and San Malo Beach Glass France"

Sep 10, 2019

Any ideas?

Hi! I was just curious if anyone had any ideas of what this could have been originally? It was clear originally, is is a corner that measures about 1 long

Continue reading "Any ideas?"

Sep 10, 2019

Greece Rhodes Old Town Elli Beach

A small beach near the port outside of the fortress of Rhodes. Lots of small to medium pieces of clear, green, Amber and blue.

Continue reading "Greece Rhodes Old Town Elli Beach"

Sep 10, 2019

Rocky County Galway coast

Brown glass top of old bottle with gold foil paper. Foil has hints of red color spots here and there. Smooth edges. Found on rocks at low tide outside

Continue reading "Rocky County Galway coast"

Aug 27, 2019

Large green chunk with an "S" in a triangle. Can anyone help to identify?

Found this piece in Milford, Connecticut today. It's a pretty large piece and would love to find out what it came from. The piece appears to have a large

Continue reading "Large green chunk with an "S" in a triangle. Can anyone help to identify?"

Aug 26, 2019

North shore beach

After a storm or high winds in North shore beach, Presque isle, michigan I found these in two days. I found 17 pieces that range from seafoam to mint,

Continue reading "North shore beach"

Aug 26, 2019

Need help identifying a very rectangular thick piece of clear sea glass

Quite thick and almost a perfect rectangle; clear

Continue reading "Need help identifying a very rectangular thick piece of clear sea glass"

Aug 26, 2019

Struggling to find out what this is from

Found this in Chesapeake bay on the Maryland side. It has partial letters Sea and along the side it says Cincinnati and it's hard to read. I've tried for

Continue reading "Struggling to find out what this is from"

Aug 19, 2019

July 21st. Niagara River

My grandchildren helped collect about 20 lbs of sea glass of a small gravel beach. Thanks to Tenley, Brooklyn, Jaxon and especially Grayson because he

Continue reading "July 21st. Niagara River"

Aug 19, 2019


Recent visit to Niagara Falls, hidden beach. Hunting with my grandchildren, Grayson, Tenley, Jaxon, and Brooklyn.

Continue reading "StevenT "

Aug 19, 2019

Does anyone know what this is ?

Found on a Delaware beach It’s fairly large 4 in by 2 in

Continue reading "Does anyone know what this is ? "

Aug 19, 2019

Red sea glass with yellow tip...huh???

Today I was at my local beach (Walnut Beach Park in Ashtabula, Ohio) and I stumbled across this AMAZING piece, just sitting on top of the gravel. I had

Continue reading "Red sea glass with yellow tip...huh???"

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