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your Odyssey Sea Glass News, Issue #020 -- ~Like a Heat Wave~
September 22, 2009
Hello All,

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If you live on the East Coast you might be getting some relief from the hot and humid weather on the beaches there this summer. Then again, I imagine it is still pretty warm in some places.

My son, Josh, in the Santa Cruz, CA, area tipped me to the heat wave they are having there.  Of course, hot weather there pulls in the fog off the cold water, so the beaches usually are fogged up in the morning, but as it burns off, temperatures are supposed to get into the 90's. Yes, that is unusual for N. Cal beaches. It's a lot hotter inland of course, with the temps in the 3 digits.

Here Washington, we have had more than the usual clear blue days with temps many times in the 70s, so the beach has been great.

Near where we live in the forest on the hill a couple of miles from the water, there is a "mountain," well, at least it's named Blanchard Moutain, where hangliders have a prefect place to take off. We hadn't seen any recently, but coming home the other day, there was about 5 of them, and for once they had all found updrafts and were way higher than the top of Blanchard Mountain. Lin remarked what a fantastic view they have out over the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands. I couldn't elicit any signs of life from her, though, when I suggested we find out for ourselves.

One of our seaglass collecting "neighbors" that lives out on one of those totally picturesque islands, actually San Juan Island itself, created a website full of great photos that you will want to check sea glass on there yet, but there will be....called Simply San Juan.

It's howdy time to all of you crazy sea glass fans in the 83 countries visiting our site. Tonight (today, tomorrow, whatever) we extend a warm welcome you in Seychelles (Bonzour), in Romania (Bunã ziua), and in Russia (Zdravstvu).

Here is a little reminder to check out the upload features on "Catch of the Day,", where you can contribute your photos on what you find at the beach today (tonight, tomorrow, whatever). It works so smooooooth.

If you have more than one photo you would like to share, feel free to send us an email by clicking on the pic of us above.

For this week, we would invite any of you to share a short story of your beach impressions (funny, sad, or exciting) and get a link to the website or blog of your choice.


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David (editor)

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Aug 8, 2009, Agates

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Aug 6, 2009, Black Beach Glass

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Aug 5, 2009, Sea Glass in Brier Island Nova Scotia

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Aug 5, 2009, Good beaches on mainland WA

Hi Lin and David! I stumbled across your site while searching for posts on good sea glass beaches. I'm with the poster who wrote that she is a 9-5er

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Aug 3, 2009, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico Sea Glass

Fuerte De San Cristobal with the City... Beach accessed by steps across from capital building,

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