Black Sea - Glass Beach, Ukraine

by Rusty

Sea Glass from the Black Sea, Ukraine

Sea Glass from the Black Sea, Ukraine

My wife and I recently went to Ukraine and found a lot of sea glass on the Black Sea.

The beach we went to was so populated with sea glass you could literally sit in one spot and pick up glass for an hour straight. We ended up with 5 pounds in about 2 hours between two people and found probably 30 jewelry A or B pieces.

We ended up with three red pieces, 3 or 4 cobalt blues, yellow, pottery, and two old glass beads, one white and one cobalt.

We are from Missouri and we want to travel in the US to a good beach to hunt but have no idea where to go. We've looked through the beach list on the site but hate to drive a thousand miles to find nothing... Is it possible to find such a beach here? Do you have any suggestions?

Your site is awesome by the way, the best resource on sea glass on the web.



Sep 15, 2009
Ukraine Sea Glass - Black Sea - Sebastopol

by: David and Lin (Odyssey)

Hi Rusty,

What a nice report on the Black Sea. Lin and I have been looking at the map of that area off and on and wishing we could check it out. Seeing that it is one of the oldest inhabited areas of the world with just the right conditions, we figure there had to be great sea glass hunting...but yours is the first report from there.

Unfortunately, those kinds of beaches are not readily available anywhere near Missouri...that we have heard about yet. I'm sure there are some good beaches that have not been reported along the Great Lakes shores aside from the ones we
have listed.

I guess the closest beaches to you would be the Gulf Coast, but then again, it has not been reported very well up to this time. Basically, the Gulf is made of deposits of huge amounts of run-off leaving very deep just gets buried and doesn't get uncovered very often.

The best beaches are ones with a little sand/gravel mix on top of underlying rock. The glass can't go too far and is near the surface.

Anyway, I will post your commments and questions and see if someone can add a beach that is not too far from you.

Since we are in Washington, the only beaches we can check out personally at this time are the ones in this area...and there are some good ones.

As time goes by we hope to collect more reliable information on beaches in many areas but right now rely on reports (photos help).

If you have any photos of the sea glass or even a photo of the beach along the Black Sea, please send it to me. Everyone would love to see it, I'm sure!

Thanks again,

David and Lin

From: Rusty 
Thanks for replying back so quickly...

I had never even thought about sea glass before until we were at the sea and I saw it everywhere... We picked up a bunch of it but didn’t really know what we were looking for. When we got back to the states we did some research and now wish we were back there =)

We would have looked for better quality and more rare colors…

Wow! We think what you have is pretty rare already!  Especially the beads, those are extremely rare, not to mention reds and other colored pieces in the group.

David and Lin

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Jul 20, 2017
Black Sea Glass
by: Anonymous

Will be outside Odessa next week..will let you know my luck. Had great luck in France and Italy last few weeks.., esp Villefranche-sur-mer. Toddy

Great! Please take photos! We are looking forward to seeing what you find.

David and Lin at Odyssey

Apr 15, 2017
The name of this beach?
by: David and Lin - OdysseySeaGlass

It's been awhile since this was posted but going back through possible Black Sea beaches, we would love to know exactly where on the Black Sea these were found. Please let us know :)

David and Lin

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