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your Odyssey Sea Glass News, Issue #021 -- ~Let's Fly Away~
October 12, 2009
Hello All,

Best Arts and Crafts SuppliesLin_and_David
Hey, it's been over two weeks since our last newsy letter!

Things have been a LITTLE hectic around here. Our daughter, Kelsey, is getting married in a couple of months. Well, that wouldn't be too hectic except she lives in Bolivia in the Latino version of the Land Down Under. So, it's going to be a trip. We figured why not take advantage of the trip and move a little closer her?

So, in combination with a few other favorable circumstances, 
ito make a long story short, we are moving to Northern Peru November 23rd.  More on that below...and we are busy, busy, so this will be shorter than usual.

We will say hello, though, to our great sea glass fans in the MANY countries visiting our site since the last newsletter. Tonight (today, tomorrow, whatever) we extend a warm welcome you in
China (Nih hu) or in your local language, Hong Kong (we'll just say, Hello!), and Spain (Buenos dias, buenas noches, o buenas tardes, como sea; I didn't have to look that one up!)

Please bear with us if we don't get the greetings rigtht...we just pass the blame on to our advisers..


Here is a little reminder to check out the upload features on "Catch of the Day,", where you can contribute your photos on what you find at the beach today (tonight, tomorrow, whatever). It works so smooooooth.

If you have more than one photo you would like to share, feel free to send us an email by clicking on the pic of us above.

For this week, we would invite any of you to share a short story of your beach impressions (funny, sad, or exciting) and get a link to the website or blog of your choice.


For those of you who have just recently signed up, this newsletter is an update on the new features and changes in the last couple of weeks.

If you are a new subscriber, you will enjoy the story and photos at the Glass Beach Special.


If you have been reading the RSS/Blog, you will already have seen some of these new items...

But take a look at the updates below and see if you missed something important.

If you would like to receive the RSS/Blog, click on that "orange button" in the upper left hand corner of the toolbar on each page of Odyssey Sea Glass to subscribe.

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free contact us by clicking the above photo.

David (editor)

Oct 12, 2009, A couple of tips on finding the value of sea glass

Click on the link below...

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Oct 11, 2009, Sea Glass Wedding

Have you thought of having a sea glass wedding, with beach decor, beach glass, starfish, shells, fishing net, and more? Here is a wedding that took place at a nice sea glass spot in Washington....

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Oct 11, 2009, Sea Glass Price

How much is a big piece of sea glass worth?

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Oct 8, 2009, Now Bulk Sea Glass Sale!

Here's some bulk sea glass at special prices. Coming soon, bulk sea glass by the 1/2 pound or by the ounce.

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Oct 8, 2009, Hunting Sea Glass in Goa

Here's a little write-up about a three day holiday in Goa which turned me into a sea glass hunter. See the article on sea glass in Goa, India, as

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Oct 8, 2009, Orange piece of sea glass

I just have a question..i was surfing through this web site and i found a piece that my friend has but its not orange but the same shape..its the one

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Oct 8, 2009, Wow!

There is so much going on right now! We have some good interviews lined up with sea glass people on the East Coast USA, Scotland, and various other areas as well as beaches to post, etc.

But things are Topsy Turvy here at Odyssey. Lin and I will be headed for Bolivia, SA, for our daughter Kelsey's wedding (exact date not fixed yet). Our date of departure is November 23rd.

To kill two birds with one stone (or piece of sea glass if you're a cruel person), we will be moving most of our operations to the coast of Northern Peru for awhile. All our features on this site will continue plus we are excited about exploring beaches on a virtually unreported coastline thousands of miles long. Suffice it to say that folks have been dumping their trash (ie, glass) there since before the West Coast of the USA was settled.

Oh boy.

Right now we have sea glass and rocks (yes, we collect those too) piled and scattered all over in among the stuff we are taking or selling as well as boxes, tape, and the rest of the packing materials...

Anyway, if you've been waiting for another newsletter, just hang's crazy here right now.

Happy hunting (grounds?)

David and Lin at Odyssey Sea Glass

Oct 5, 2009, Synonyms for sea glass

I've heard that sea glass is also called beach glass, mermaid's tears, lucky tears. Are there any other names it is referred to

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Oct 4, 2009, Newsletter Error Message

If you have tried to sign up for the newsletter but are getting an error message or having another problem, please report it by clicking this link! Thanks, David and Lin

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Oct 2, 2009, Buy Sea Glass Index 2

Here is sea glass index 2, where you see sea glass or beach glass in singles, sets, and groups, many colors from red to blue and more...

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Oct 2, 2009, Buy Bulk Sea Glass and Singles

Handpicked from the Chesapeake, Japan, San Juan Islands - Bulk sea glass for your beach glass craft or mosaic art project and singles for your beachglass jewelry

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Sep 30, 2009, Sea Glass - Bottle Bottom

thick green with letters kblt and numbers 11425 on bottom. please help

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Sep 30, 2009, What's worth keeping?

Does sea glass have to be rounded/polished with age to be of value? Or, do the gently smoothed pieces, some of which are discernable as the bottom of

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Sep 25, 2009, Aquamarine with 3 air bubbles

Hey my name is jamie. I found an aquamarine with 3 air bubbles on a river near by house. How rare is this? I have pics that you can see if you just

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Aug 21, 2009, Sea Glass Vacation - Seaside, California

Check this out! On the beach at Seaside for a real sea glass vacation, family finds much more than expected. Great photos!

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Aug 19, 2009, Sea Glass Tool - Scooper

Sea Glass Tool - Scooper This is what i use to collect glass it works best. Use small chicken wire and PVC

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Aug 19, 2009, From The Sea Chimes

HI, I collect everything from beaches. I made these from the sea chimes by: 1. Tying a piece of string to a stick 2. Hot gluing two pieces of sea

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Aug 17, 2009, White beach glass?

I have found white smooth (almost translucent) rocks/pebbles on a beach. Could this be sea/beach glass? They have all been at least 1 cm. How do I

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Aug 17, 2009, Sea Glass - Alki Beach, West Seattle, Washington

Alki Beach, West Seattle, Washington. Alki Beach has been a major party beach in the Seattle area for more

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Aug 16, 2009, Eco Jewelry, Sea Glass Jewelry

Eco jewelry - What is it? The best! Eco friendly, (also environmentally friendly, nature friendly, and green) are synonyms used to refer to goods and services considered to inflict minimal or no harm

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Aug 15, 2009, NEW! Glass Beach with Photos

If you're getting the Odyssey Newsletter, you have the password to this special. Lots of new photos and tales from contributors on the glass beach page!

See the password above

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Where are all the Aussie sea glass collectors? Our beaches are a treasure trove of seaglass. My favourite cove-like beach is covered in millions of

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Aug 14, 2009, Robert Oddy's masterful illusions: achieving depth and drama in stained glass

Join us this fall for Robert Oddy's return to the Uroboros glass factory to teach a challenging, hands on class for the intermediate and advanced

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Aug 13, 2009, Lovely Blue! Colors of Sea Glass

Blues are my favorite sea glass colors! We find this all along the shores of

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Aug 13, 2009, Beautiful Green Sea Glass

Just waiting for me! Green sea glass!

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