Aquamarine with 3 air bubbles

by James Vavrik
(Elgin,IL 60123)

Hey my name is jamie.

I found a aquamarine with 3 air bubbles on a river near by house. How rare is this? I have pics that you can see if you just type in rare sea glass with air bubbles on the web.

I have it for $150 but some think I can get more. I tried to up load pics but there to big on this site. It is a very thick and the one air bubble is big like right in the center. The two others are smaller down the side. Is it more rare cause it came from a river?

I live in IL and came from the Fox River.

I love to get some info on it.

Do you know any dealers in IL maybe near Chicago that have shops that I can take and show them?

Any info will help.

Thanks Jamie

My email is

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Oct 15, 2014
Sea Glass with air bubbles
by: Marianne

Hi Jamie,

I did a search which brought up lots of images of sea glass but no way to tell which if any was yours.

Sea glass with air bubbles is not very rare. The value of the piece depends mainly on its color and quality.

If it is a common color with bubbles and is jewelry grade you might get a $5-15 for it. If it is craft grade maybe $1-5.00.

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