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your Odyssey Sea Glass News #064 - Spring has Sprung!, the Glass ....
April 10, 2012

Lin_and_DavidYes, the old seaglassers' poem.

Spring has sprung, the glass has riz
I wonder where my red piece is?

Well, if you know the old poem, you know what I'm talking about. If not, we'll just move right along here.

In this issue of the Odyssey Sea Glass Newsletter, you'll find:

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March Winner of the Sea Glass Photo Contest

Congratulations to James from California for his winning photo, "Seaglass Gems."

Sea Glass contest winner February 2012
"Seaglass Gems"
Photo Contest March 2012

James's photo will run on many pages of OdysseySeaGlass through this month and will have a chance at Sea Glass Photo of the Year next January.

Wow, it's the second week of April! But there's still time to get your photos in for the contest this month - don't wait; he who hesitates is lost in the ozone.

Your April Sea Glass Photo Contest starts here...

The Beach?

Lin and I finally have had several opportunities to get the to beach and hunt for treasures - with really good success.

You may have seen the large wine-red nugget I (David) found. But then today, Lin fought back by finding nine pieces of red plus a red bead. Four of the reds were really nice size and quality.

I don't have photos yet, but we'll get them up as soon as possible.

One of the fun parts of beach glassing is sharing with others while hunting.

Lin and I have met some great beachcombers at the beach lately here at North Beach, Washington and enjoyed sharing experiences with all.

How about you? Send in your photos, questions, and experiences or just read up on our Sea Glass Community Forums pages.

We hope you enjoy perusing the new pages below and also some of the older tidbits.

Happy hunting,

David and Lin Schneider

seaglass line

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Latest Additions to Odyssey Sea Glass

If you have been reading the RSS/Blog, you will already have seen some of these new items...

But take a look at the updates below and see if you missed something important. There are also usually some unanswered questions that we'd love to have you answer.

Note: If you would like to receive the RSS/Blog feed, click on that "orange button" in the upper left hand corner of the tool bar on any page of Odyssey Sea Glass to subscribe.

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free contact us by clicking on our photo at the top of the letter.

NOTE - BUG REPORT: At the beginning of this April, our RSS/Blog feed got scrambled, so for the time being, you'll be seeing old blogs posted as being new or you'll see dates mixed up.

For this reason, we won't be posting links to the latest blogs and pages - we'll have to wait until the dust settles.

We hope to have that straightened out soon. Thanks for your patience, especially those of you submitting photos to the contest.

David (editor)

seaglass line

For now, why not indulge yourself in some really good reference info and photos? Like:

Sea Glass Hearts Sea Glass Hearts
"Another truly gorgeous book from Josie for those of us in love with the beach and all its gifts. It makes me long for the summer and warm sand under my feet, and the possibility of finding treasures. I'm inspired all over again with her poetry of words and valentine of jewels!" ~ S. ONEILL

Pure Sea Glass Identification Deck - Richard LaMotte/Celia Pearson
"From a collector of sea glass these cards were great. Just like a quick reference guide if you find a specific color with it's history. They are laminated so if they get wet it won't hurt them! Great find!" ~ J. Ericson

See more information and reviews...

Sea Glass Chronicles BookSea Glass Chronicles
"I love this book. It has a very unique perspective - the history of objects from another time - which have washed up on our shores.

It is remarkable that a history could be written about a shard of glass. But the author manages to trace back through infinitesimal clues the origin and use of what to most is just colorful detritus.

The text is very brief and poetic but also informative.

The photographs by Pat Hanbery beautifully enhance the found objects. They are insightful and clever, and the quality and sharpness is always first rate. I have seen other photographs by Pat Hanbery but this is a wonderful and whimsical use of her talents.

~ review by Heidi Pratt

Nature Crafts - Sea Glass and found objects Craft Workshop: Sticks and Stones: How to make Stunning Objects using Natural Materials with 25 Step-by-Step Projects
The beauty and texture of natural, organic materials including sticks, wood stones and pebbles celebrated in inspirational and practical designs.

Your hobby your business
Lin and I did it! So can YOU!

Create Your Own Jewelry

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