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Other Color Sea Glass - Rare and Unusual Colors

Firemelt bonfire sea glass
"Summer Dawn" Rare Sea Glass

Stock #: PS1080

Category: Washington Coast Firemelt (bonfire glass)
  • Grade: Jewelry A
  • Color:  Peach - Aqua - White
  • Pieces:  3


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Mixed Hearts Sea Glass
"Outdoor" Rare Sea Glass Mix
Stock #: PS1026

Category: Sea Glass Washington
  • Grade: Jewelry A and B
  • Colors: Lime Green Emerald - Light Sea Green - Orange Amber - Water Green - Pale Amber Fade
  • Pieces: 6
(Sales temporarily suspended)

Mixed Pastel Sea Glass
"Passionate Pastels" Beach Glass
More Photos: One
Stock #: PS1114

Category: Sea Glass Washington - Olympic Peninsula
  • Grade: Jewelry B
  • Color: Pastels - Turquoise, pale pink, pale blue, aqua
  • Pieces: 4


Fire Melt Bonfirel Sea Glass
"Crazy Coot" Firemelt Bonfire Glass
More Photos - One - Two

Stock #: PS1794

Category: Sea Glass Washington - Olympic Peninsula
  • Grade: Jewelry A to Craft A
  • Color: Mixed
  • Pieces: 40


*Coin size in cm see below

Stock #: PS1115

Category: Sea Glass Washington - Strait of Juan de Fuca
  • Grade: Jewelry B
  • Color: Pale pink, amethyst, pale lime, pale orange, turquoise, pastel green
  • Pieces: 8

Mixed Rare Sea Glass Fire Melt Bonfire
"Flamboyant" Bonfire Glass
More Photos - Size
Stock #: PS1778

Category: Pacific Northwest Sea Glass - Washington Coast - Fire Melt
  • Grade: Jewelry A - Craft A
  • Colors: Mixed
  • Pieces: 25


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rare peach sea glass
"Dreamy Skies" Rare Sea Glass
More Photos - One
Stock #: PS1047

Category: Rare and Unusual Sea Glass Washington
  • Grade: Jewelry B
  • Color: Rare Peach
  • Pieces: 1


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Stock #: PS1033

Category: Rare and Unusual Sea Glass
  • Grade: CA&B
  • Color: Mix
  • Pieces: 20


Rare sea glass for sale"Cadeau" Rare Sea Glass
More Photos: One
Stock #: PS1885

Category: Sea Glass Washington - Olympic Peninsula
  • Grade: Jewelry A and Jewelry B
  • Colors: Pink - Pale Yellow - Turquoise - UltraViolet Green - Light Sea Green - Blue-Gray and more
  • Pieces: 20


"Colorful Sunsets" Rare Sea Glass
More Photos - One
Stock #: PS2084-1

Category: Rare Sea Glass - Olympic Peninsula, Washington State
  • Grade: Jewelry A & Jewelry B
  • Color: Pink, Lime Yellow, Bright Red, White
  • Pieces:  5


Size of dime cm
American Dime
For Size Comparison

American Quarter


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Wrack - an ancient word with likely the same root as "wreckage," referring to debris washed up on a beach.

Wrack line: the line of seaweed, refuse, driftwood, and "wreckage" found at the high tide line on a beach.