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your Odyssey Sea Glass News, Issue #029 +/- Lin Chips In
February 09, 2010
Lin chips in today, saying, "Hi everyone,

We had memories of walking West Beach, Washington, today here in Los Organos, Peru. Why? Because there were piles of pebbles and rocks all bunched up  up and down the beach just like it would do sometimes at West Beach.

Mostly, the beach here is sand overlaying slabs of rock, but where we like to go to look for sea glass is around the point. There the beach is made up of shells that have been finely ground down butted up against sandstone cliffs.  Today was the first day that we've seen piles of pebbles and shells all swept up into bunches.  And boy did we have fun.

I wouldn't say that the sea glass is as plentiful as some other places we've been to, but there is enough sea glass here to keep it interesting for us. We're finding colors that are very different from what we found walking West Beach.

I would have to say, though, that most of the pieces we find aren't jewelry quality A, but we've found some really nice colors that, given time, should be wonderful pieces of sea glass.

The beach faces the ocean; here's nothing breaking the waves coming in, so a lot of the pieces of sea glass will have chips in them or one or more sides not totally rounded. That's not to say though that we aren't finding any nice rounded pieces as the pic will show.

Sea glass colors at pta veleros peru

I'm totally stoked that we're finding even what we're finding because I had this fear of moving to Peru and being stuck somewhere where there wasn't any sea glass. Ack, how awful that would have been. As it is, I'm always hopeful of finding at least one really nice piece of sea glass when we go. Hey, and this place will always have a place in my memory as being the place where I found my very first sea glass bead!

Be sure to check back often because we do have plans to check out other places in the future. As a matter of fact we were talking to some of our friends here the other day, and he told us that he remembers going to the beach with his family when he was a boy and remembers two beaches where there was always sea glass.  So, that is definitely on the agenda; it's also a good excuse to go traveling and see what's out there.

Right now, though, we're in the midst of planning and gearing up for Kelsey's upcoming wedding in Bolivia and trying to figure out how we're going to travel to get there. The El Nino has taken its toll on Southern Peru and even parts of Bolivia with lots of mud slides and flooding. We had originally thought of doing part of the trip by bus and part by plane, but now, we're not too sure.

We'll keep ya posted.

As always to all,

Happy hunting,"

Lin -------------------------------

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David (editor)

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