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your Odyssey Sea Glass News, Issue #047 - Five Missing in Sea Glass...
December 01, 2010

Five die in Sea Glass disease outbreak.
A report received this week from other concerned persons listed a family of five "as if dead" to the rest of the world because of constantly being away from home down at the beach.

Can you avoid the same fate? Only time will tell...

Now - The latest from Odyssey Sea Glass newz and chatz

WINNER!  --- Jennifer wins the photo of the month for November and gets front page right on Odyssey ----

        Now a few notes from main editor and office boy, David Schneider:

Los Organos, Peru
Lots of sand covers up most of the glass
Lots of sand covers the sea glass until the waves and currents begin uncovering it
How are all of you doing out there in Seaglasslandia? We hope the weather has been good enough to get you out on the beach for a few walks.

Here in Northern Peru, the weather is the same as usual. Beautiful! Not too hot yet (80 F) and sunny.

At this time of the year, there is a lot of sand. As a result, almost zero sea glass can be found. It is all covered up with 3-5 feet of sand.

Now, at the end of "winter", the sand gets eaten away, eventually down to the bedrock...and the sea glass treasures. This photo shows why some beaches have excellent sea glass hunting part of the year... and zero at other times - the sand covers and uncovers it..

Ice blue sea glass on top of much sand newsletter
Ice Berg Blue with "M"

Even so, here is a piece of craft grade but nicely colored sea glass I found lying right on top of acres of sand...all by itself.

It seemed lonely and suffering from the sun, so I took it home to care for it..

So, what do you do when the beach is covered with many feet of sand and you just don't find any sea glass? Take photos of course!

tide pool at Los Organos Beach Peru for newsletter
Tide Pool, Los Organos, Peru

Like this one of a tide pool on the point. Usually, the tide pools are in the middle of just barren rocks, but as you can see, at this time of the year, the pools have a nice floor of sand.

Great for kids!

sea glass

    Now - A word from the boss and assistant shopkeeper, Lin Schneider

Howdy all,

I know we mentioned last time about showcasing Signe Lawson's jewelry

Since that time, Signe has a few more new pieces up on the site, so be sure to check them out. Her jewelry is stupendous.

We're in the midst of getting Joan Laverick's beautiful English sea glass jewelry up. 

Joan has been a busy little bee lately, so be patient; it will be well worth your while.

I will be having new jewelry up sometime soon from my latest linje designs line.

Give the perfect gift!

for Odyssey Sea Glass Jewelry and more!
We have friends visiting us here in Peru this month so when they go back, they will take some of my jewelry back with them and send it on to our third shipping party (my wonderful longsuffering mother). 

The sending from here gets kinds of complicated not to mention expensive, so we're still working on that. 

That jewelry should be up on the site sometime in January. Too late for all you guys doing major shopping right now but for the future. Don't forget we've got the gift certificate arrangement in place now as well.

Well, this week I have tried to dedicate to getting used to my torch, bezeling, sanding, polishing, et cetera. Relearning what the wire and metal can and can't do and figuring out what all those doo-hickey things that came with my Dremel are.

More mistakes than anything but it's all a learning process, so nothing lost except cut fingers, wrists hurting, and my nails now a pretty gruesome sight. 

The beach is really starting to go at the point, way more rocks now (see David's comments above). Nothing spectacular in the way of sea glass, but we have found some really nice shells and coral. We love the walk. One never knows what will turn up.

Hope all is well. Stay safe and be happy.


sea glass

Here is a little reminder to check out the upload features on the fun page, where you can contribute your comments, questions, and photos on what you find at the beach or just about anything to do with beach glass.

We invite any of you to share a short story of your beach impressions (funny, sad, or exciting) and get a link to the website or blog of your choice.

seaglass line

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David (editor)

seaglass line

Here's the latest from the Odyssey Sea Glass pages:

Nov 28, 2010

White sea glass lettering Identification?

Hi- I've found a white piece of sea glass and it says erre smir the rest is cut off. Anybody know what it might mean?

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Nov 24, 2010

How Is Sea Glass Made? How Is the Glass Tumbled?

How is sea glass made...Marooned on an island, he throws a bottle into the ocean...possible but unlikely source of beach glass? The nicely-tumbled and frosted glass with the muted by glowing colors...

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Nov 24, 2010

sea glass all year wreath

this was fun & came out great! i wrapped wire around every shard & the wrapped the wire onto the form- took weeks to do, but the results are well worth

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Nov 22, 2010

Sea Glass Tabletop

my tabletop is made from seaglass picked up on walnut & silver sands beaches in milford, connecticut.... i glued every piece (yes, very tedious,but well

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Nov 22, 2010

clear beach glass

hi, just started to collect, was at Atlantic City found these two pieces of clear beach glass with letters on them can anyone help me.

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seaglass line

Feb 8, 2010, Glass Fishing Floats - About what is it worth?

I have a blue ball glass fishing float with the marking of 1 on the bottom. I was wandering if you could tell me what it is worth? I have a green on

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Feb 8, 2010, Puerto Rico Beaches - Domes and Spanish Wall, Sea Glass, and Shells

Rincon is famous for its beaches, though mainly for the wild surf breaks that draw surfers from all around the world primarily

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Feb 6, 2010, Red? Red. Red! Sea Glass!!

I just had to show you what Lin found today. She also took the photo, she's getting so good at it. Our local beach (at the point) is probably classified

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Feb 6, 2010, Sea Glass Photos of the Catch of the Day!

Sea glass photos - Regularly posted pics of what one can find on a given day at a local beach! Big one that got away? Perhaps....

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Feb 5, 2010, Brant Beach, Long Beach Island, NJ

I Found over 30 pieces in 1 hour . stand were you see shells and rocks in the ocean and there's ton

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Feb 5, 2010, Uranium Sea Glass!!

We read that they use to make glass with uranium in it. We also were told that if you shine a black light on it it will we got out our entire

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Feb 4, 2010, Seagull Picture with Beach Glass!

Hi. Isn`t the internet amazing? I live `down under` in New Zealand & had no idea there were dedicated websites for beach glass gatherers!! This is something

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Feb 4, 2010, Showcasing Sea Glass

I have a gallon or two of beautiful frosty seaglass and I would like to showcase them. I don't want to glue it to anything, make pottery, jewelry or anything

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Feb 4, 2010, Sea Glass News and Events

Upcoming sea glass news events and announcements of interest to all of you "beachcombers." You may send in your newsworthy dates, including related crafts fairs and shows here. Check often for the...

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Feb 3, 2010, The Sea Glass Odyssey Begins Here

What is sea glass? Where can I find it? Is the collection I have unique or valuable? Here is your complete guide to collecting, sorting, and working with sea or beach glass!

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Feb 3, 2010, Need help with identifying sea glass with wolf's head

I found an aqua (ish) bottom of a bottle. It was imprinted with the profile of a wolf's head. Could you please identify or point me in the right

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Feb 2, 2010, Blue Sea Glass Bead!

I had a wonderful treat today, and it was all because my loving hubby persuaded me to go to the beach. If we hadn't gone, I would have missed out on a

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Feb 2, 2010, What is the most common shade of sea glass to find?

What is the most common shade of sea glass to find? In my experiences, I am usually overloaded with beer-bottle browns (which I don't even bother to

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