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May 01, 2018

We hope you are doing well today. Whatever is going on in your life, a little browsing through sea glass photos and info is always a good way to get a more positive outlook on your day :)

It's been over a month since the last time Lin and I have written and I'm going to dive right into the heart of things here with a short video.

We hope you enjoy this short video.

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Moving on to your possible sea glass experiences, we continually get reports and identification questions about sea glass etcetera. You can check out these....hopefully to answer a question or submit a comment, photo, or question of your own.

Here are the latest photo submissions:

New Posts with Photos and Sea Glass Reports from Around the World

Apr 26, 2018

What era are these from?

I’m new to this and have found many different pieces but never a purple or yellow and I just love the color of this green one. They are my favorites

Continue reading "What era are these from? "

Apr 26, 2018

Can Someone Identify This Unusual Glass from Florida Beach?

Here are 3 photos of a large piece of black sea glass found on Cinnamon Beach in Palm Coast, Florida. Can someone tell me what this might be? ~ Ed

Continue reading "Can Someone Identify This Unusual Glass from Florida Beach?"

Apr 24, 2018

Sea Glass Necklace Lamp

A way to store Sea Glass necklaces and display under a lamp. Sea Glass clips on a necklace of choice. Otherwise stored on the lamp. Unlimited options...From

Continue reading "Sea Glass Necklace Lamp"

Apr 24, 2018

Acient ruins mosaic

I have made this sea glass mosaic for my Greek friend who likes pictures of ancient ruins. It was difficult task as I have used a small wooden panel,

Continue reading "Acient ruins mosaic"

Apr 24, 2018

April 2018

My first orange a few blues a little red guy and a jadeite heart

Continue reading "April 2018 "

Apr 24, 2018

What is the age and worth of my sea glass? Is it genuine?

Not sure if this is genuine sea glass. Found it in Maryland (Chesapeake Bay Area). It is the bottom of some sort of bottle or maybe jar. submitted

Continue reading "What is the age and worth of my sea glass? Is it genuine?"

Apr 17, 2018

Brighton and Hove Beach

Hove Beach, Brighton, UK March 2018 Brighton, United Kingdom Round marble with thin blue swirls going through it and some lighter swirls. It has some

Continue reading "Brighton and Hove Beach "

Apr 17, 2018

Beach in Baine Harbour

April 2018 Name of the Beach Newfoundland Canada  - There’s not a particular name in place for this beach but it is at the end of the road in the

Continue reading "Beach in Baine Harbour"

Apr 17, 2018

April 14th 2018 Pt Judith Lighthouse RI

April 2018 - Point Judith, Found in water line in front of the Point Judith Lighthouse. Largest piece I've ever found. It was in large rocks sun lit it

Continue reading "April 14th 2018 Pt Judith Lighthouse RI"

Apr 15, 2018

Brown sea glass

I found this lovely brown sea glass on Bainbridge Island, Washington ( Puget Sound ),with what looks like a daisy. Had it made into a necklace and I

Continue reading "Brown sea glass "

Apr 06, 2018

Any guesses??? Listerine?

Aloha from the Big Island of HAWAI’I My question for you today is regarding this picture of a piece of sea glass found in Hilo on the beach of an old

Continue reading "Any guesses??? Listerine?"

Apr 06, 2018

Smathers Beach/Key West

Key West, Florida, USA, Spring 2018 Visited Key West, FL at the end of March 2018 and found a plethora of sea glass & sea pottery just west of Smathers

Continue reading "Smathers Beach/Key West"

Apr 03, 2018

privately owned

Name of the Beach - privately owned City nearest to that beach. Castine, Maine Describe your find - About 1 x 1-1/2, white/clear glass, with slight curve.

Continue reading "privately owned"

Apr 02, 2018

Klong Jark Beach Koh Lanta Thailand

Klong Jark Beach Anda Lanta Resort, Koh Lanta Andaman Sea, Thailand Describe your find: pieces are typical i Klong Jark Beach March 2018 Found at

Continue reading "Klong Jark Beach Koh Lanta Thailand"

Apr 02, 2018

Bottle topper from 1900?

Seaglassing in Gloucester, MA. ---Bottle topper is in perfect condition! Smooth and frosty! Other finds were sea pottery from pre 1900, as far as I

Continue reading "Bottle topper from 1900?"

Apr 02, 2018

What is this?

Although this is not sea glass, I found this piece of glass and was wondering if anyone could identify it. It is a clear piece of glass with a number

Continue reading "What is this?"

Apr 02, 2018

Possible old Ball jar

Hello, I found this piece north of Sabastian Inlet Florida. Ball changed how the name was over the years, swooping lines and loops. Im guessing this

Continue reading "Possible old Ball jar"

Apr 02, 2018

Is this a Christmas Ornament?

I found this on a Ct beach last winter. It’s @1cm thick and white. It looks like plastic but is definitely glass.

Continue reading "Is this a Christmas Ornament? "

Mar 31, 2018

Found this orange swirly glass ball with orange "knobs" on top. What is it?

- submitted by Nik - March 2018 Hi. Went to North beach and found 2 marbles and this weird orange swirl piece of glass about the size of a large marble.

Continue reading "Found this orange swirly glass ball with orange "knobs" on top. What is it?"

Mar 26, 2018

Coyote Point Beach

Coyote Point BeachMarch 2018 San Mateo, California, USA I found close to 100 pieces, mostly white and green, some rounded and well frosted, others had

Continue reading "Coyote Point Beach"

Mar 23, 2018

Boar or horse graphic on clear sea glass? Any Ideas?

March 2018 Found this piece in Humboldt county CA. It looks like a boar or horse head . I have only found a few pieces with graphics before. I am

Continue reading "Boar or horse graphic on clear sea glass? Any Ideas?"

Mar 23, 2018

How old is this?

Found this black glass bottle bottom on Big Pine Key Florida after Hurricane Irma caused extensive damage there! It’s uneven in thickness, measures

Continue reading "How old is this?"

Mar 20, 2018

2018 Sea Glass Finds Delray Beach Florida

Here is a photo of the sea glass pieces I have found this year in Delray Beach

Continue reading "2018 Sea Glass Finds Delray Beach Florida"

Mar 20, 2018

Wellington New Zealand Sea Glass

Glass collected from mostly southern beaches

Continue reading "Wellington New Zealand Sea Glass"


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