Smathers Beach/Key West

by Allison Rueckl
(Tampa, Florida)

Found along a 1/8 mile stretch of beach & all found in under an hour!

Found along a 1/8 mile stretch of beach & all found in under an hour!

Key West, Florida, USA, Spring 2018

Visited Key West, FL at the end of March 2018 and found a plethora of sea glass & sea pottery just west of Smathers Beach.  Walking foot paths to beach can be found off Atlantic Blvd (or you can just start at the Smathers Beach public park and walk down the coastline westward.) 

I found all of the pieces in this photo in under an hour.  WOW!  See pictures!  Clears, greens & browns abundant, as expected - but the aquas and amethysts were also!  I found a few pieces of milk white, a small cobalt, and even a huge chunk of black (held up to sunlight, you can see hints of very deep green)...not to mention the pieces of pottery & driftwood!

All tumbled enough so that edges were smooth.  Some better frosted and rounded than others.  Lots of bottle pieces with legible clues: Partial bottom of brown Clorox bottle, a blue/green piece from a Coca-Cola bottle and one giant piece of well frosted amethyst stemware or candleholder?  The sea’s power is amazing, isn’t it?  Beautifully contorting the bottle fragments into new (yet still recognizable) forms.

Perhaps we can thank last year’s hurricane Irma for these gifts?  I don’t see any other reports of sea glass in Key West...very interesting!  Happy hunting to you!  And please continue to share your treasures and tips on finding sea glass beaches!

~ sea glass beach report by Allison Rueckl

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Nov 29, 2021
Lots of Sea Glass in Key West
by: Ben

Found a hidden beach just off the end of White Ave near Smathers Beach. Turns out there used to be a glass recycling company nearby that’s long gone, but the beach is littered with glass fragments. Some of it is newer but quite a bit is older. You can tell because the older stuff is thicker and has rounded edges. Found a complete milk glass cold cream container from the 50’s without a scratch on it as well as lots of old bottle necks. Found a really nice coke bottle fragment from the 50s wir an intact logo. It was clearly an old garbage dump. There was also quite a bit of fossil coral and even found a fossil tooth that could be from an extinct camel. I could have filled a 5 gallon bucket with glass pieces

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