Beach in Baine Harbour

by Kyle
(St. John’s Newfoundland Canada)

Some rough copies of my art work ideas

Some rough copies of my art work ideas

April 2018

Name of the Beach

Newfoundland Canada  - There’s not a particular name in place for this beach but it is at the end of the road in the opposite end of the harbour and you just walk down this trail and follow it for about 10mins around and you will soon arrive at this beach there is 3 in the area the main one u go down to and 2 others off to the right of it separated by rocks and hills all of them are good beaches for lots of Sea Glass

City nearest to that beach - St. John’s and 30 mins before Marystown (the beach is in the Town of Baine Harbour)

- Amazing spot for Sea Glass found about 3 Large Ziplock bags of sea glass enough to stock me up on my art and jewelry making for a long time also there is a huge variety of colours shapes and sizes some rare peach aqua and orange coloured pieces. Very smooth and well rounded and are all frosted only a few that I found were not frosted but were still pretty enough to keep and use

- My main and pretty much my only caution to you would be the 10min hike it does have one fairly big incline but other than that it’s just a gravel road you can and are allowed to acces it by bike quad or truck etc because it is a dirt road and not a privately owned beach but I would not recommend driving the road by car would definitely need a truck or Jeep etc.

The beach is more of these little pebbles than sand but there is some sand and it is pet friendly and the only trick to it is following the dirt road to the end u will pass this house on your right on the way down and once you get to that point you can pretty much already see the beach and ocean

~ By: Kyle,
St. John’s Newfoundland Canada

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Apr 16, 2018
Raw glass
by: Jerry

Sea glass must be well-tumbled by wave action. Fort Adams doesn't get waves to tumble the glass.

Apr 10, 2018
Fort Adams
by: Dru

Just returned from trip to Newport, Rhode Island, USA.

Read on line that you can find sea glass at the old Fort Adams site and I sure did!

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