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your Odyssey Sea Glass News, Issue #018 -- Zea Glazz? Yezzz!
August 27, 2009
Hello All,

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We usually start off with the in NE Washington, it must be hard to be a weatherman. This has got to be the least predictable place for weather. Yesterday, the weatherman was calling for 80 degrees today, but this morning he had changed his mind and was calling for a cooler 74. Now that's not too bad. But a lot of times the weatherman would do better looking out the window and making a guess. Anyway...

The Endless Summer was a classic surf movie when I was just out of high school and is still being shown. It's about several surfers who follow summer, from the Southern Hemisphere summer up to the Northern Hemisphere, 12 months of summer, while looking for perfect waves.

However, we are living in reality, which means cold, wet days AT THE BEACH, blustery, long underwear beneath the levis weather, sweatshirt and rain gear. But FUN anyway!

Once again, we take the opportunity to welcome our visitors from faraway places by saying a big hello to Australia (G'day mate) Netherlands (goeiedag), and Turkey (salam, merhaba).


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For this week, we would invite any of you to share a short story of your beach impressions (funny, sad, or exciting) and get a link to the website or blog of your choice.


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David (editor)

Aug 27, 2009, How common is it to find aluminum ore at Lake Erie?

My family and I recently spent a week at Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio. It was our first time to Lake Erie, and our first time collecting beach glass.

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Aug 27, 2009, Seaside California sea glass.

Beautiful - Sea Glass Catch of the Day Permalink -- click for full blog post

Aug 27, 2009, Senior Project - Sea Glass

How long does it take to make man-made sea glass?

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Aug 27, 2009, This Site Best Viewed with Firefox Browser!

By David (Editor) - Boy am I embarrassed. Since I use Firefox as my main browser, I view all the pages I build that way. Just by chance, I thought I'd look with Internet Explorer.

WHAT A CATASTROPHE! I am so sorry that y'all with Internet Explorer saw many pages all messed up. I am going through them now and trying to get them straightened out.

Bear with me!

Aug 26, 2009, Bed and Breakfast near a Sea Glass Beach?

Hi,this is David (editor here at Odyssey Sea Glass). We have had quite a few inquiries from our readers about places to stay. A typical question is,

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Aug 26, 2009, where can i sell sea glass

i was just wondering if you knew anywhere in southern california that bought sea

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Aug 26, 2009, A Nice Article about Odyssey on Country Meadow

It is so nice to hear that others like you...I mean we all want to be popular, right? Thanks to Rebecca at Country Meadow Soaps and Spa Products, we are feeling very good today!

Thanks for the writeup, Rebecca,

David and Lin

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Aug 25, 2009, Cannery Row Beach, Monterrey, California

Cannery Row in Monterrey, California: "almost as much sea glass as Glass Beach Ft. Bragg"

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Aug 24, 2009, Sea Glass Bracelet and Sea Glass Jewelry

Just imagine yourself wearing a sea glass bracelet. Alone or in combination with other beach-inspired clothing and jewelry, you can make an fresh, outdoor fashion statement

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Aug 21, 2009, Sea Glass - Cama Beach, Camano Island

Sea Glass - Cama Beach, Camano Island We had high hopes for finding lots of glass at this beach, the latest addition to the Washington State Park

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Jul 16, 2009, Beach Source References

Here's an open letter regarding the sources of our sea glass beach lists. You can request info (within reason) on where we found a specific beach report...

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Jul 14, 2009, Sea Glass Spain - Nova Icaria Beach, Barcelona

Barcelona's beach near Port Olympic... photos of sea glass found on this beach! Nova Icaria is the place for great amounts of sea...

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Jul 14, 2009, Buy Sea Glass

Yes! NEW! Our "Buy Sea Glass" page - Your portal to buying sea glass in bulk, color groups, matched pairs, singles, and

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Jul 14, 2009, Old New Castle Delaware Beach Glass

Sea glass in Delaware? Yep! - "There is plenty of sea glass here, some large pieces some small. We picked..."

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Jul 14, 2009, Question - Glass Epoxy - Crafts

What is glass epoxy? Do you know of any name brands? What you are referring to is an epoxy adhesive for gluing glass and similar...

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Jul 10, 2009, Sea Glass - Ediz Hook, Port Angeles, WA

"Sea Glass Ediz Hook is a one a half mile spit..." Old garbage dump! North...

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Jul 9, 2009, Green Sea Glass - Pluto?

Question: "I found a piece of sea glass years ago. It is a green piece of glass with a picture of Pluto and the name Pluto under it. It is a large piece almost..."

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Jul 9, 2009, Collected off SeaHam beach North East of England

"Hi Everyone, My name is Joan and I live in the North East of England near Seaham beach. It's the place where in the 1800's they would tip all the..."

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Jul 9, 2009, Milk of Magnesia - Sea Glass?

"We went out beach combing again a couple of days ago. I found a piece of light blue glass with some lettering on it. The piece is about 2 inches by..."

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