Green Sea Glass - Pluto?

by Cathy
(United States)

~ submitted by Cathy in the United States of America

I found a piece of sea glass years ago.

It is a green piece of glass with a picture of Pluto and the name Pluto under it.

It is a large piece almost the whole bottom of a soda bottle.

Can you tell me anything about this?

I have it displayed in my curio cabinet and have gotten so many questions regarding it.

~ submitted by Cathy

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Comments for Green Sea Glass - Pluto?

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May 07, 2012
have a clear bottle pluto
by: Anonymous

on the bottom is the word PLUTO & a kind of figure....looks like Hawaiian man? any ideas age?
Can add a pic but don't see how

Mar 01, 2011
Glass Bottle Bottom "Pluto"
by: Anonymous

Hello, I collect seaglass and I came upon and won a bid for "surf-tumbled beach sea glass bottle bottom, Pluto" I won the bid on this particular piece from an owner who lives in Denton, Maryland.

Owner states that she picked it up off the beach sand 15 yrs ago off the Chesapeake Bay near Chestrtown, MD.

After doing some research online I've learned that some bottles had a label with a red devil design. Some bottles were "medicinial bottles."

And Pluto water was a very popular sparkling mineral water from the mid 1800's - 1920.

The "Devil" on the bottom of the bottle is not the Devil, but the (God -Pluto.)

Interesting what one can learn from a piece of glass that tumbled upon a sandy beach.....Ziggy

May 27, 2010
pluto water bottle and sea glass
by: shawn

Hi just read your question about Pluto.

I collect bottles and sea glass starting just this year.

Pluto Water was water fortified with salt, magnesium, and sulphates and was used as a laxative.

Pluto was also on the cap, and the bottle had Pluto Water America's Physic. And the word Pluto were on the bottom of the bottle.

Hope this helps you.

Shawn and JoyceAnn
JoyceAnn911 (at)

Jul 11, 2009
Where is the picture ?
by: Anonymous

It would have been nice if you had a picture of the piece with your article.

I don't think too many people can help you without see it. I can't!

Not only that, people visit this web site would love to see what the other beach combers are finding on their outing. :-)

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