Small Figurine - Need Help To Identify Sea Glass

by John


I found this small orange/red figurine on a beach in Atlantic City NJ while searching for sea glass.

It is about 2 inches tall and looks like a woman or perhaps a pilgrim? Hard to tell as it has been tumbled pretty well.

I think it is made from the same thing bricks are made of and it's hollow with a small hole on the bottom.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Jan 20, 2017
by: Lin

I showed this photo to a PhD researcher that I work with whose former field was archaeology. He said Penn State has a great archaeology department and felt you should take it there. He said seeing it directly as opposed to the photo would be helpful. Good luck!

Jan 04, 2017
I forgot the links ~ I apologize
by: Lindsey




Jan 04, 2017
Thought about your figurine
by: Lindsey

This may seem a bit crazy but last weekend I watched a National Geographic program entitled FINDING ATLANTIS. Professor & archaeologist Richard Freund from University of Hartford were investigating the Donana mudflats in Spain.

Whether or not they have found the fabled Atlantis, they certainly have found something.

There was a quick glimpse of a small figurine shown and I immediately thought of your find. I am inserting a link to a news broadcast as well as Dr. Freund's information (also has his email) in case you are interested.

It may not have even come from the Donana area but he may be some help in identifying your figurine. It's fascinating.

I hope eventually you will get some answers.


Jun 01, 2013
Indian Tribal
by: Nancy Gardner

Nancy Gardner lok into,indiam reference lots of tribes in washington

Mar 22, 2012
A French santon, maybe?
by: Basil

Highly unlikely it is an Egyptian shabti. Aterlife totems are sculpted with very specific traits of an idealized Egyptian aesthetic. (But I'm open to be swayed with a photo!)

My guess is some kind of vintage terracotta santon de provence, although the dress is a bit short.

The base is similar and the women figurines are sometimes posed holding a basket and one hand on their belly or hip.

Nov 30, 2011
by: maddie

I have been looking around and I think it could be a shabti. It is an egyptian figurine that would serve the dead person in the afterlife.

When Tutankhamen's tomb was found people wanted to go and see for themselves and wanted souvenirs. so tomb robbers would rob items from tombs and sell them on the black market.

I am assuming that this was one of the items sold illegally and found its way to the ocean. Then you found it.

Nov 17, 2010
Still No Luck
by: John

I have searched high and low and still have not been able to figure out what this is/was. Guess I will just hold on to it and keep trying.

Oct 28, 2010
by: Kay


I have NO idea what this is, but, I think you stumbled, rather, picked up something of value...I have never heard of anyone finding anything like this before. Please, keep us posted on any identification..

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