Inclusion in a piece of seaglass - what is it?

Inclusion in a piece of seaglass - what is it?

Inclusion in a piece of seaglass - what is it?

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Today I found a large piece of seaglass with a metal coil in it. No idea what the coil is/ was.

It's around 3 inches long, amber/ yellow colour and was found on a beach on the south coast of England.

Wow that's amazing! Lin and I are anxious to hear what our intelligent viewers have to say about this (we don't have any unintelligent viewers, I'm sure).

It looks like it may be something from an old dump site?!?

Thanks for sending this in!

David Lin Odyssey Sea Glass

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Nov 13, 2023
Kauai before 1960
by: Kerry Myers Cecil

I'm doing some research and coming up empty. A 72 yr old man here just shared some sea glass with me. He has a bag full. Before 1960 he said, up on this cliff, they burnt abandoned cars. Broken old junk, hen they pushed the burnt hulls into the ocean. He found this perfect smooth sea glass with metal, shavings, ashes in it or two colors melded together. I asked when he found it. He said about 1990. So, knowing they stopped burning the cars in 1960 and he found it in 1990, it was in the sea around Kauai for 30 yrs. I have no phone (library) or I'd post pics. They are beautiful pieces. I wire wrap and he gave me some to try.

Jan 02, 2021
Resin "sea glass" with coil inside
by: David & Lin

Thanks to Ron and Victor for the information on tracking pebbles made of resin. We have wondered for years how beach drift was being tracked but had not looked into it lately. :)

Nov 09, 2020
Tracker pebble
by: Victor Renan

Number 15:"this is a "tracker pebble" that is used for tracking longshore drift. There are serial numbers of pebbles as they are buried in location and then re-found further down the coast in the shingle with the help of metal detectors."

Nov 16, 2013
Longshore Drift
by: Ron


This is not sea glass but a hard resin 'tracker pebble' used along this piece of coast to track longhore drift.

The pebbles have a serial number, are buried in a location and then refound further down the coast in the shingle by metal detector.

The metal coil is included for this reason.

Think this work is done by the environment agency but I found out about it by talking to the warden at Birling Gap when there was a beach finds display on.


Jan 02, 2013
by: James

The exact location of this piece was at the beach below to chalk cliffs at Peacehaven, in Sussex.

There is no nearby dump but the beach does face onto the English Channel (La Manche if you're French) which is the world's busiest shipping lane.

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