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Why the need for this open letter on our beach sources?

It goes back before the beginning of this site. 

As Lin says in the "about us" page on our site, when she got seriously interested in sea glass, she spent hours reading everything she could on the internet about sea glass. It was spread out all over the place. She jotted down notes on things of interest to her. 

Since Lin wanted to begin marketing her sea glass jewelry online, we tried several online market sites but were not happy with them. 

Then we got the brilliant idea of putting up our own web site - not only as a place to sell some of her jewelry but also as an informational site about the fascinating subject of sea glass. 

Along the way, one of the ideas we came up with was to provide a list of beaches where sea glass had been reported. That way, "newbies" and sea glass enthusiasts who were only able to get to the shore a few days out of the year would have an idea of where to look.  

So we started a list of beaches. Now the lists have become fairly extensive and we get more contributions coming in all the time. 

Inadvertently, because of not fully understanding the in's and out's of the networking sites, two of the beaches in Lin's notes were from postings that were meant to be private. They got into our lists and were made public. 

We were made aware of this by a couple of the folks who had originally posted these beaches and who were, logically, upset. We removed those beaches immediately, and we would like to sincerely apologize for compromising the confidentiality of the original postings.

We now have a clearer understanding of membership sites and respect the rules for them. 

Therefore, we felt the need for this open letter and comments.

All the beaches on our lists should be:

  • Beaches accessible to anyone searching the Internet, or
  • Beaches from our personal friends, or
  • Submissions received from our viewers.
Beaches not in those categories will be considered not in the public domain and we will not intentionally list them. The purpose of the contact form is to provide you with the reference or source of the beach information. However, please limit your requests to one or two specific beaches.

We have begun the time-consuming but also very informative process of going back over our lists and checking the sources of our beach listings.

Needless to say, this is going to take a bit of time. 


Once again, we at Odyssey, and especially Lin, want to sincerely apologize for innocently revealing any confidential information unwittingly collected in the past. 

For those of you who have contributed beach listings, we thank you and hope you'll keep them coming so everyone can enjoy.

As Lin puts it, "Our wish has always been and will continue to be that these listings be used for those who love the beach, the sea, the experience, and the memories of those trips..." 

We at Odyssey and our many viewers thank those of you who are contributing to our beaches lists and we encourage you to continue.

In the words of one of our contributors,

"…Keep on Stoopin'…"

David and Linda Schneider, "the folks at Odyssey"


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