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your Odyssey Sea Glass News, Issue #031 Beach Time?
March 11, 2010
Hello all,


Greetings from Lin and me in Los Organos, Peru.

How is the weather there? We hope things are getting to where you can comfortably walk the beach.

Here in Peru, it is summer and yesterday was hot even by summer terms. At 3 p.m., I took a look at the thermometer on our kitchen wall and it was 87 degrees.

Actuallly, it felt hotter and more humid than what was shown on the dials. We need to get another thermometer to compare...but whatever, it has been hot.

Lin has been down with a "cold." Who ever came up with that name I don't know, as it doesn't seem much related to cold here.

If you haven't noticed it before, on our Home page, there is a chart down in the right column showing where we have had visitors. We would like to say a special hello to you who are visiting from Mongolia (Sain baina uu), Fiji (Dou bula), and Latvia (Sveiki). Welcome!

Now scrolling down, you'll see that quite a few in various locations have been actively hunting for sea glass and/or using it in projects in the past weeks.

We hope you are able to get out there and treasure hunt yourselves! Happy hunting.


Here is a little reminder to check out the upload features on the fun page, where you can contribute your comments, questions, and photos on what you find at the beach or just about anything to do with beach glass.

We invite any of you to share a short story of your beach impressions (funny, sad, or exciting) and get a link to the website or blog of your choice.


For those of you who have just recently signed up, this newsletter is an update on the new features and changes in the last couple of weeks.

If you are a new subscriber, you will enjoy the story and photos at the Glass Beach Special.


If you have been reading the RSS/Blog, you will already have seen some of these new items...

But take a look at the updates below and see if you missed something important. There are also usually some unanswered questions that we'd love to have you answer.

Note: If you would like to receive the RSS/Blog feed, click on that "orange button" in the upper left hand corner of the toolbar on each page of Odyssey Sea Glass to subscribe.

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free contact us by clicking the above photo.

David (editor)

Mar 9, 2010, Search This Site!!!!

We welcome the many sea glass fans that are getting to know us here at Odyssey Sea Glass.

As you know, our aim is to provide as much information we can give as well as getting y'all to contribute your knowledge and experience.

That's why there are currently about 500 pages of sea glass stuff on Odyssey Sea Glass.

There is no way we can keep it in front of you!!!!

So USE THE SEARCH BOX (see top of left column Search/Contents) to find a lot of information that you won't otherwise see.

For example, we just got a nice comment wondering about whether Fort Bragg permits taking of sea glass. I put "bragg" into our search box and came back with 10 pages that talk about it.

One of the pages is a full-blown article with photos and very complete information on legalities of seaglassing there.

But you may never see that article...and many others just as nice unless you do the SEARCH thing!!!

So the 3 rules for finding info on sea glass:

1. Search our site.

2. Search our site.

3. Search our site.

Actually, there's a fourth rule...because there is a lot of info still out there:

4. If it's not found on SEARCH, ask in the Questions section (toward the bottom of the left column).

Thanks, and Happy knowwww what I mean!

David (editor)

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Mar 9, 2010, Using PMC to make sea glass jewelry

Could I get a complete list of items needed so I can shop and begin this very exciting hobby. Thanks

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Mar 9, 2010, Polishing Sea Glass- Good or Bad Idea?

I have a few pieces of light green and brown sea glass that I collected as a child while living on Kodiak Island, AK. As I got older and had amassed

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Mar 4, 2010, Turquoise Glass Bottle Topper

I recently have enjoyed the pleasure of collecting sea glass. Two weeks ago as I was out hunting I found a beautiful turquoise glass bottle topper. Very

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Mar 4, 2010, Sea glass, real or faux?

How can you tell if it is real sea glass and not tumbled? Someone is selling jewelry of 'pure' sea glass. Necklaces and bracelets made of pieces that

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Feb 28, 2010, Beach Glass "koru" (spiral) pattern on rock

just a nice roundy rock I thought would make a good doorstop! The koru design means new life in the Maori language. I used a cheap construction adhesive

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Jul 16, 2009, Beach Source References

Here's an open letter regarding the sources of our sea glass beach lists. You can request info (within reason) on where we found a specific beach report...

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Jul 14, 2009, Sea Glass Spain - Nova Icaria Beach, Barcelona

Nova Icaria Sea Glass July 13, 2009 - Barcelona's beach near Port Olympic... photos of sea glass found on this beach! Nova Icaria is the place for great amounts of sea...

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Jul 14, 2009, Buy Sea Glass

Yes! NEW! Our "Buy Sea Glass" page - Your portal to buying sea glass in bulk, color groups, matched pairs, singles, and

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Jul 14, 2009, Old New Castle Delaware Beach Glass

Sea glass in Delaware? Yep! - "There is plenty of sea glass here, some large pieces some small. We picked..."

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Jul 14, 2009, Question - Glass Epoxy - Crafts

What is glass epoxy? Do you know of any name brands? What you are referring to is an epoxy adhesive for gluing glass and similar...

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Jul 10, 2009, Sea Glass - Ediz Hook, Port Angeles, WA

"Sea Glass Ediz Hook is a one a half mile spit..." Old garbage dump! North...

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Jul 9, 2009, Green Sea Glass - Pluto?

Question: "I found a piece of sea glass years ago. It is a green piece of glass with a picture of Pluto and the name Pluto under it. It is a large piece almost..."

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Jul 9, 2009, Collected off SeaHam beach North East of England

"Hi Everyone, My name is Joan and I live in the North East of England near Seaham beach. It's the place where in the 1800's they would tip all the..."

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