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June 15, 2016

David and LinHow are things in your neck of the woods? We hope that, all-in-all, you are having a good year!

Check out the following pages, announcements, and tidibits from us for a little break in your routine - Lin and David:


Here's what you'll find in this late June 2016 edition of the Odyssey Sea Glass


June 2016 Photo Contest Now in Running

Here are the current entries for the June 2016 Sea Glass Photo Contest. Click on photo to go that page and vote on photo of your choice.

>>>>  Hey! There's still plenty of time in our June contest.

Everyone is invited to submit a photo to our Monthly Sea Glass Photo Contest - just click here and follow the instructions closely.   <<<<

where are you headed for beach glass this summer
Click or tap on the above image to take you to the comment page - let's see how many and where in the world y'all are heading!

Upcoming Events for Sea Glass Lovers

Sea Glass Festival - 2016 Rhode IslandSea Glass Festival - Rhode Island - August 13, 2016 

North American Sea Glass FestivalNorth American Sea Glass Festival - Ocean City, Maryland August 26-27, 2016 
The North American Sea Glass Association will host its 11th Annual North American Sea Glass Festival in Ocean City, Maryland,  Friday & Saturday, …

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Selected Pages from Odyssey and Contributors:

Jun 14, 2016

Sea Glass - What is It?

This unidentified beach glass has: Bubbles A channel that ends What almost looks like gold paint   Este

Continue reading "Sea Glass - What is It?"

Jun 12, 2016

2016 Jun 3rd - Huanchaco Peru Sea Glass Catch

If you had visited our beach just a week earlier, you would likely have left disgusted. Even for Lin's eagle eyes, almost nothing was showing for several

Continue reading "2016 Jun 3rd - Huanchaco Peru Sea Glass Catch"

Jun 10, 2016

Sea Glass Photo Contest 2015

View the 70+ photos submitted to our 2015 sea glass and beach glass contest. Pictures to enhance your love of sea glass

Continue reading "Sea Glass Photo Contest 2015"

Jun 09, 2016

Rainbow Flower of Sea Glass

These sea glasses were collected at the Pierpont Beach, California, USA in 2016. This beautiful imaginary rainbow flower photo was taken at my house in

Continue reading "Rainbow Flower of Sea Glass"

Jun 08, 2016

What is this Large Green Serrated Sea Glass?

I would love to know what to call it

Continue reading "What is this Large Green Serrated Sea Glass?"

Jun 08, 2016

"Sun" on Sea Glass Shard? - Spain

Technically I picked it up but she pointed it out. I didn't see the sun on it and thinking it was just a normally piece I almost passed it up but she

Continue reading ""Sun" on Sea Glass Shard? - Spain"

Jun 08, 2016

Saranda, Albania - Red Sea Glass Button

Red sea glass button, marbles, etc.... From Wikipedia: Saranda is a town and municipality in Vlorë County, southern Albania. It is one of the most

Continue reading "Saranda, Albania - Red Sea Glass Button"

Jun 08, 2016

Illinois Beach State Park

Lots to be found here! My wife & I walked the shoreline from the nuclear plant to Dead River.  Probably about 4.5-5 hours. We found 85 pieces

Continue reading "Illinois Beach State Park"

Jun 08, 2016

Glass Shard with Dragon?

Help me identify! Husband found it. He is so proud. I want to be able to tell him some history about it.

Continue reading "Glass Shard with Dragon?"

Jun 07, 2016

Algarrobo Costa del Sol Sea Glass

Name of the Beach: Algarrobo Beach City nearest to that beach: Malaga The state, country, or island where the beach is: Spain Some lovely finds,

Continue reading "Algarrobo Costa del Sol Sea Glass"

Jun 07, 2016

Green Glass Shard with a Giraffe Head?

I don't think this is all that old. Thin and curved with a minimum of tumbling the inside still shiny. The reason I think it's a giraffe is because

Continue reading "Green Glass Shard with a Giraffe Head?"

Jun 07, 2016

Fragmented sea glass?

I found this brown piece at the tide line in Cayucos Ca this past week. Can anyone tell me why it looks so fragmented when exposed to the light?

Continue reading "Fragmented sea glass?"

Jun 07, 2016

Smith's Point, Fire Island, Sea Glass

Smith's Point, Mastic, NY City nearest to that beach - Long Island, NY Found every color except red and yellow. I used to find a lot of glass here but

Continue reading "Smith's Point, Fire Island, Sea Glass"

Jun 07, 2016

Woodland Beach, DE, Sea Glass Report

We comb this beach periodically. Generally speaking the best finds are found far up the beach in the reeds as opposed to down along the water line.

Continue reading "Woodland Beach, DE, Sea Glass Report"

May 21, 2016

Rainbow of sea glass today

Where was this photo taken? Sea glass beach, Okinawa, Japan Date, time of day, and weather conditions? February 2016, Low tide, partly sunny and

Continue reading "Rainbow of sea glass today"

May 21, 2016

May 11, 2016 Eglon Beach, WA

Old green bottle top found on May 11, 2016 on Eglon, WA beach.

Continue reading "May 11, 2016 Eglon Beach, WA"

May 11, 2016

Help identify our find in Plymouth Ma

My daughter in I found these two pieces on different beaches in Plymouth. The frosted clear piece was found on White Horse Beach, the other, Long Beach.

Continue reading "Help identify our find in Plymouth Ma"

May 10, 2016

Sea Bright Beach NJ Sea Glass

New to sea glass collecting, found this one today along the beach, interesting piece.

Continue reading "Sea Bright Beach NJ Sea Glass"

May 10, 2016

Copper Threaded Sea Glass?

Can anyone help identify this piece? It's about 1 1/2 long with what appear to be 2 copper wire threads running through it. There is a faint lined

Continue reading "Copper Threaded Sea Glass?"


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Thanks to all of you who have made it possible to continue running continually since 2008, and....

Happy hunting,

David and Lin in Huanchaco - Sea Glass Newsletter

David and Lin

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