Woodland Beach, DE, Sea Glass Report

by Kris Braunecker
(Newark, Delaware)

Woodland Beach, DE 1

Woodland Beach, DE 1

We comb this beach periodically.

Generally speaking the best finds are found far up the beach in the reeds as opposed to down along the water line.

In 4 hours my husband and I are able to amass easily 100 (approx) pieces.

Woodland Beach, Delaware

We find the usual green, white and brown. Additionally we have found: reds, yellows, orange, lavender, "Coke" green, grey, lime green, cobalt blue, Aqua, olive and light blue.

We have found completely intact bottles - one was from the 1800's - as well as bottle bottoms and tops. We also find pottery as well as pieces of plates - china or porcelain.

Of what we pick up, it is all craft glass. Completely frosted with slight imperfections.

We see a great deal of depression glass as well.

When the wind is coming off the land the green flies are HORRIFIC. If it's coming off the water the bugs don't bother us.

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Jun 07, 2016
Woodland Beach - Glass
by: OdysseySeaGlass

Thanks for your thorough report on Woodland Beach. Our site visitors will really appreciate the info!

Happy hunting, David and Lin

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