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January 08, 2018

How are things going there? As seaglassers, weather conditions are always on our minds. Will it be hot or cold today? Windy? Wet? When is low tide?

Right now you could be experiencing some of the extrerme ranges of weather conditions that are affecting millions of people.

Those of you near the East Coast of the USA are feeling lower termperatures than you have ever felt there in your lifetime all the way down to Florida.

On the other extreme, if you live in our near Sydney, Australia, you are suffering through some of the hottest weather ever felt there.

What is it like where you are today? I have just posted to our Odyssey Sea Glass Facebook Page this question. Please share your local weather conditions with others - we are always interested.

Lin and I are enjoying the somewhat cooler-than-normal-but-pleasant beach weather here in Huanchaco. It's about 70F on the beach today.

In our last newsletter, we posted about the coming visit of the pope to our small town. The news reports that there could be up to 1 million people invading our quiet village. Yipes! Transportation will be completely closed down for a couple of days so we are stocking up on the essentials will hunker down until things are over. I'll see if I can get photos of the trash afterwards. Hmmm, then again, maybe not, it will be a mess!

On another note, due to time constraints we won't be running our photo contest in 2018. However...

YOU can still upload your photos - in fact we encourage you to send in more photos than ever - go to our page
Photo Forums and choose the appropriate category.

Here's what we have in this newsletter.

In This Newsletter

  • Winner of the December 2017 Sea Glass Photo Contest

  • Latest Posts of Sea Glass from Around the World

Sea Glass Contest Winner

Photo of the Month Winner December 2017

"Yellow Beauty"

by Tiki Kolosso

Congratulations to Tiki for the great photo and exciting find! We hope you continue to have success and let us know how it goes with your hunts in this year 2018.

Next, click on tap on the following list to see what Lin and I have done with our beach finds



Natural Sea Glass

Beach Pottery

Sea Shells and Agates

We continually get reports and identification questions about sea glass etcetera. You can check out these....

New Posts with Photos and Sea Glass Reports from Around the World

Jan 07, 2018

Lagunillas Beach, Paracas, Peru.

I took a trip to Paracas, Peru in July 2017 and this piece of sea glass immediately caught my attention when I saw it lying in the shore. I also saw

Continue reading "Lagunillas Beach, Paracas, Peru."

Jan 06, 2018

Glass doughnut identification

Okinawa Japan Glass Fishing Float Identification? I have not been able to find a float like mine online or the books I've seen. I found the float about

Continue reading "Glass doughnut identification "

Jan 02, 2018

30/12/17 Fairy Bower, Shelley beach, Manly, Sydney Fun treasure hunt

This little beach never disappoints at low tide. I found two marbles last time I was there and this time I think I found my first little beach glass

Continue reading "30/12/17 Fairy Bower, Shelley beach, Manly, Sydney Fun treasure hunt"

Jan 02, 2018

12-30-17 Pebbly Beach, Catalina Island, CA

12-30-17 Pebbly Beach Sea Glass Catch of the Day Catalina Island, CA What a special way to end the year with a wonderful haul of sea glass and some tile.

Continue reading "12-30-17 Pebbly Beach, Catalina Island, CA"

Dec 26, 2017

Dec 23 2017 Lake Michigan, WI shoreline in Manitowoc

Weather was cold but we had to get in one more trip to the lake in 2017. Not much glass but felt good to be out. Wisconsin die-hards!

Continue reading "Dec 23 2017 Lake Michigan, WI shoreline in Manitowoc"

Dec 25, 2017

What type of object could this have originated from to be so thick and rectangular?

Found on the beaches of Singer Island in Florida. It doesn’t seem very jagged, or rounded which we often find with sea glass. ~ submitted by Dana Marie

Continue reading "What type of object could this have originated from to be so thick and rectangular?"

Dec 22, 2017

Ashtabula, OH - Beach Glass Treasure

Hi! I'm Rachel Town, owner of Beach Glass Treasure, mixed media artist, located in Ashtabula, OH, US. Local areas of sale: All Things Coffee Kingsville,

Continue reading "Ashtabula, OH - Beach Glass Treasure"

Dec 16, 2017

Basse Terre, Guadlooupe

Basse-Terre, Guadaloupe Dec 12, 2017 On a cruise today, docked at Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe, and to the right, immediately at the end of the pier was a

Continue reading "Basse Terre, Guadlooupe"

Dec 16, 2017

Beach Glass finds for a Sunday afternoon, December 10, 2017

The beach is in Cleveland OH, U SA. The beach is about 1 1/2 hours away from our home in Girard,OH by car December 10,2017, a cold windy Cleveland Day.

Continue reading "Beach Glass finds for a Sunday afternoon, December 10, 2017"

Dec 14, 2017

My Grief Therapy

Hi, Thanks for taking a look. I lost my son, Andrew last year on my birthday in June. A long hard road traveled. It was not till I acquired the need

Continue reading "My Grief Therapy"

Dec 09, 2017

Mystery Wolf Dog or Donkey

Aquamarine light blue...bottem of a bottle...wolf, donkey? Doing tons of research, keep coming up with nothing.

Continue reading "Mystery Wolf Dog or Donkey "

Dec 09, 2017

I found this on the beach of Cromarty Scotland, while visiting my sister. Any idea what it could be?

This piece is glass and the middle rounded...I can only think it might have been a bottle topper, but a very odd piece, indeed.

Continue reading "I found this on the beach of Cromarty Scotland, while visiting my sister. Any idea what it could be?"

Dec 09, 2017

Anyone ever encounter gradient pieces like this?

Anyone ever encounter gradient pieces like this? Found in the same spot, months apart (4-5mths) on Okinawa, Japan. Don't have many resources here to

Continue reading "Anyone ever encounter gradient pieces like this?"

Dec 09, 2017

Found on Sydney’s northern beaches in December 2017

Sydney, Australia December 2017 Found these during a week of extra low tides

Continue reading "Found on Sydney’s northern beaches in December 2017"

Dec 09, 2017

Saxis Island

Saxis Island sea glass find... At the end of Matthews Rd on Saxis Island are three houses with wide open yards and a beach behind the second house that

Continue reading "Saxis Island"


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