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your Odyssey Sea Glass News, Issue #033 Oh Boy!
April 01, 2010

Greetings from Lin and me still traveling in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Oh boy!!! We're in a City of Eternal Spring (there are several claiming that title around the world). Weather a little crisp in the morning and shirt sleeve midday.

But no sea glass here.  In 12 days, back to the coast of Peru, where we will be checking out some more new spots.

Daughter Kelsey's wedding is only 10 days away....split emotions, as usual.

Below you'll see some pretty interesting finds and also questions that you may be able to answers. Remember to comment on what others submit, it makes them happy!

Have some great spring hunting.


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David (editor)

Apr 1, 2010, Can I put sea glass in a tumbler?

I have a few pieces of sea glass that I want to use for jewelry because of their colors; however, they have rough edges. If I put them in a rock tumbler

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Mar 28, 2010, I need sea glass

I unfortunately live in the Midwest. I don't travel much (unemployed) and am looking to buy glass at a reasonable rate. I don't need the the rare colors,

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Mar 28, 2010, New sea glass hunter

I have just started collected in the past year. Have searched in SE Alaska, Baja, Mexico and the Pacific NW where we live. I found a piece with raised

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Mar 28, 2010, New Zealand Sea Glass

Does anyone have a recommendation about a good beach for sea glass in NZ? We're headed there April 2 and would love to spend a few hours on a promising

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Mar 28, 2010, Atlantic City NJ -- Bottle with picture

I was recently on a trip to Cape May, New Jersey, and found the largest piece of sea glass that I have ever come across. It is light green in color and

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Mar 28, 2010, Sea glass catch of the day....

My husband and i found this on the beach in Glen Cove, New York. The North shore of Long Island has some great sea glass finds

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Jul 28, 2009, Black Point Sea Glass, Connecticut

View Larger Map Black Point Beach, Connecticut Name of Beach and Comments: Black Point - The best blue glass ever! How would you

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Jul 28, 2009, Tower Road Beach "Lake Glass"

Tower Road Beach Click to zoom. Name of Beach and Comments: Tower Road Beach is actually on Lake Michigan in Winnetka Illinois.

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Jul 28, 2009, Glass Beach, Guantanamo

View Larger Map Glass Beach, Guantanamo Guantanamo Bay Naval Station, Cuba, Caribbean Name of Beach and Comments: Glass Beach - It

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Jul 24, 2009, Mero Beach, Dominica Sea Glass

View Larger Map Country: Dominica Name of Beach and Comments: Mero Beach, Dominica Sea Glass. Not the nudist part. A guide took us to a

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Jul 24, 2009, Black and Orange Sea Glass

Found in Spring 2009 I call this my Halloween glass because of the colors. I found it near Port Angeles, WA. I have no idea what it could be

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Jul 24, 2009, Pregnant Sea Glass

This piece is like nothing in my collection. As you can see, the majority is white glass... but there's an orange baby inside! Don't know what it

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Jul 24, 2009, New comment on "Secret" Sea Glass Beach

Note: To see the report on this beach, sign up for the Odyssey Sea Glass Newsletter by clicking the link below.

Here's an excerpt from Harley's comment: "I have hiked to this fantastic sea glass beach from the other "end"... we found hundreds of pieces of glass. Many places you could just stand in a spot and turn in a circle, picking up glass all around you.

We also found old bottles, intact, but not washed in the sea... just dumped over the bluff and remained on the beach since.

We found marbles, all colors of glass including red, and tons of pottery pieces..."

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