Mero Beach, Dominica Sea Glass

by Roberta Hoffman

Black Sand Beach, Dominica

Black Sand Beach, Dominica

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~ submitted by Roberta Hoffman

Sea Glass Report for Mero Beach, Dominica in the Caribbean

Name of  Beach and Comments: Mero Beach, Dominica Sea Glass.

Not the nudist part. A guide took us to a small beach close by the nudist part.

I found  glass and sea pottery and buttons and even an old domino all over the place there.

I filled my pockets with my finds. Unfortunately, only had a half hour there.

by Roberta Hoffman

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OdysseySeaGlass appreciates this and all reports we receive, but we have not been to this beach ourselves and cannot verify this report.

  • No photos were included with this report.
  • Beach was not given a clear rating (stating number of jewelry-grade pieces found per hour).
Reports that do not include photos of the sea glass found are less reliable. Please use your own judgement in deciding whether to travel to this particular beach or not.

David and Lin

Comments for Mero Beach, Dominica Sea Glass

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Dec 10, 2019
by: Anonymous

Thx for tip on Mero Beach. Went today & with very very limited time found some nice pieces. Best at surf edge, albeit a bit challenging.

Jul 24, 2009
Mero Beach
by: Anonymous

Mero is on Dominica, not in Costa Rica

Thanks so much for clarifying this, Anonymous

I am changing it to the correct country.

David (editor)

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