Glass Beach, Guantanamo

by Justin

Guantanamo Beaches glass beach

Guantanamo Beaches glass beach

Guantanamo Bay Naval Station, Cuba, Caribbean

Name of Beach and Comments: Glass Beach - It lives up to its name.

The ground is littered with sea glass, much of it jewelry quality. Snorkeling a few dozen yards from shore shows the undersea floor covered with glass, which comes alive when the sun shines through the water.

Girl Scout Beach - Not as much as Glass Beach, but still sea glass everywhere you look.

Rare colors found here are Red, Black, and Large Cobalt Blue.

Common are Aqua, Green, Brown, White, and the different shades of those colors.

How would you rate this beach for sea glass?: Excellent (16+ jewelry grade pcs. found per hour)

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Glass Beach, Guantanamo


Wow! I'm ready to go! Is it true Obama is closing the base down? Does that mean we can have access??

David (editor)

Sea Glass Cuba Guantanamo
Guantanamo Sea Glass Beach Update Cuba
Hey David, A few years ago, I left a comment about some sea glass beaches in Cuba and said I'd get you some pictures. Somehow, every time I went out...

Comments for Glass Beach, Guantanamo

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Oct 21, 2018
by: Pam

Can you get into this beach as a visitor to cuba on a cruise? From USA? If right on u meed yo be military??

May 31, 2018
Can you take the beach glass back to the States?
by: Anonymous

I am supposed to be visiting sometime in the next year.

Can you take the beach glass back home to the US?

I know some places don't allow you to take stuff like this from one country to another.

Answer - Yes. All countries we have been to have allowed sea glass, sometimes many pounds of it, to fly out of the country. To them it is just trash.

Jun 19, 2010
It's True!
by: Anonymous

We lived there for 3 years and have over 50 pounds of jewelry grade sea glass! It is an amazing place.

May 12, 2010
potential visitor
by: Anonymous

how are the beaches, there are very few pictures of the beaches online. Are there a lot of beach goers? Nice sand? How do visitors get around?

Mar 20, 2010
It is not called Glass Beach for Nothing
by: John

I am down at GITMO right now, and I have been to both Girl Scout and Glass Beach. They are both great for finding sea glass! Glass beach is loaded with glass. Too bad only a select few will get to come and see this great treasure. Diving is out of the world here too!

Aug 24, 2009
by: Anonymous

Only the prisons are in discussion to be closed - not the base itself. It is a strategic deep water port. Guantanamo Bay is leased to the US Government from Cuba in perpetuity, and the US has no intentions of leaving. I just came from Guantanamo on Saturday, and fully concur with Glass Beach being the best.

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