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Odyssey Newsletter - & Photo Contest Winner
May 06, 2013

David and Lin Sea GlassIt's always exciting to hike into a somewhat hard-to-get-to beach and see what is there.

The anticipation of finding something new (old is better) is stimulating, and even if it isn't sea glass, there are always other possible finds.

That's how it was when Lin and I trekked to Cemetery Beach near Port Angeles, Washington.

More about this below.

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Hey! We have two brand new video shorts where Lin and David look for sea glass - and make some interesting finds!

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Here's what you'll find in this May edition of the Odyssey Sea Glass Newsletter.

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Winner of the April 2013 Sea Glass Photo Contest

Sea Glass Photo Contest Winner January 2013
The winning photo is "Swirls and Driftwood" by Cathy in Rocky River, OH
Congratulations, Cathy!

sea glass photo contest gallery
"Sea Glass Beach"
sea glass photo contest gallery
"Brought By The Waves"
sea glass photo contest gallery
"Lovely Rims"

We also really like all of the other photos for April's contest (shown here). Really nice! Thanks to all of you contributors.

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Cemetery Beach Photos

If you live in an area where there is industrial activity along the coast, you may find things like what Lin and I found at what we call Cemetery Beach.

cemetery beach finds beachcombing
This looks like an axle housing from a truck

Cemetery Beach is down a narrow, untended path that angles through thick forest just west of Port Angeles, Washington.

This coast has been the center of logging activities for over a century, and the logging companies and mills dumped their old machinery and building materials over the bluffs.

This served to impede the erosion of the bluffs somewhat.

cemetery beach finds beachcombing
Well, it's definitely not driftwood, but the old machinery has a beauty of its own.

This beach is known to a few as Cemetery Beach because it lies below the cemetery.

Because it is so far below and the bluff is covered with trees, you can't see the beach from above.

cemetery beach finds beachcombing
What would you call this piece if you were to take it home and hang it on your wall? LOL

To the northeast of this beach is Ediz Hook, a 3-mile-long sand spit that shelters the port of Port Angeles.

There have been sawmills and paper pulp mills at the base of Ediz Hook since 1902 until the present, and parts of machinery can be found there also.

cemetery beach finds beachcombing
I wanted to take this one home but Lin wouldn't let me. On second thought, I decided I wasn't ready to haul this 50-pound hunk of wheel and rim back up the overgrown cliff path anyway.

I took many more photos and will post some more in the future if you all think they're interesting enough. Then again, we've got even more photos of sea, etc.

~ David

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Bugle Call

If you have a special arrangement of sea glass colors, we would love to see it. On our Sea Glass Forums page, there are several different photo forums where you can upload your sea glass colors.

Hey! Are you into crafts?

There is a good selection of sea glass we've recently uploaded in many colors as well as driftwood and other beach finds just right for your arts and crafts.

Check Sea Glass For Sale on Odyssey

Also, take a look at our popular Etsy shop...

And for ideas on what to do with your beach finds, take a look at these Pinterest beach craft photos...

  Smiley Enjoy!

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Have you missed out on the new pages and blogs at Odyssey Sea Glass?

Check them out quickly and easily on our Sea Glass Blog or take a look at a selection below that you might have missed.

Happy hunting to all!

David and Lin Schneider

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