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Odyssey Sea Glass Newsletter - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?
October 11, 2013

David and Lin Sea GlassHave you ever traveled to a beach reported to have really good sea glass and then found almost nothing?

If you have, then you probable felt deceived by the person making the original report.

But wait. sea glass can be Here Today, Gone Tomoroow, then... read more on this subject below.

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Here's what you'll find in this October 2013 edition of the Odyssey Sea Glass Newsletter.

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Winner of the October 2013 Sea Glass Photo Contest

Sea Glass Photo Contest Winner September 2013
The winning photo is "Lake Jewels" by Bonnie Z. from Cleveland, Ohio
Congratulations, Bonnie!

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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - or - Why Didn't I Find Any?

You're not the only one who has gotten excited about a reported great beach for sea glass only to travel there and find almost nothing.

Did the person who originally reported the beach deceive you? Does the beach have lots of glass or none? Who's right?

Both of you could be right!

There are a number of possible reasons that there was no glass showing when you went to that beach. We'll talk about two of those reasons.

Two Reasons for Finding Few Treasures

First, due to currents and wave action, a beach that is covered with pebbles with a decent amount of sea glass can, in a matter of one tide change, became a sandy desert.

This happened to Lin and me (David) just recently.

Although we've had this happen several times in the past, probably the most notable occurence of this phenomena occured here in Huanchaco, Peru the past month.
september sea glass newsletter
We had moved here and gotten excited over the great sea glass finds, coming home with very nice catches almost daily for the first month.

Then the swell (waves) direction changed.

What a disappointment. The beach was no longer scattered with pebbles and sea glass. There was  sand, sand, sand.

We came home each time with literally just a few pieces of unexciting glass.

We became a little uneasy wondering if the first month had been just a fluke, and the beach really was not productive.

If someone had come here to our beach during those 10 or 12 days based on our glittering reports, they surely would have been disappointed!

Second, different people see different colors, and some have what I would call extremely good eyesight and eye-to-brain nerve signals.

september sea glass newsletter

For example, Lin and Me

I know I've whined in the past about this, but Lin just KILLS me when it comes to finding sea glass.

Especially the greens, reds, and green-blues.

Now if I look directly at these colors, I can see them plainly.

But when I am scanning an area with thousands of earth-colored pebbles of every sort of design, my
september sea glass newsletter
 eyes just don't seem to register those colors; where Lin's eyes catch them out of the corner and yards away!

Fortunately, now "our" beach is back to normal. In fact, Lin found a real prize about 2 days ago, this nice shooter (big) marble!

shooter marble sea glass

Conclusion of the Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Sea Glass Question

Don't jump to conclusions. The person who got there before you and found a bunch of beach glass where you are finding none may not be all bad.

The beach could have changed drastically between visits and/or that person is just a whiz on finding sea glass.

Sure, there are other factors to consider (the report may have been an outright lie, for example), but the two reasons here for a possible lack of sea glass finds can explain many of the misunderstandings.

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Have you missed out on the new pages and blogs at Odyssey Sea Glass?

Check them out quickly and easily on our Sea Glass Blog or take a look at a selection below that you might have missed.

Happy hunting to all!

David and Lin Schneider

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