Old Button found on Beach?

by David and Lin Schneider
(Huanchaco, Peru, South America)

Old brownish beach button, although not sea glass, is a really nice find!

Old brownish beach button, although not sea glass, is a really nice find!

~ question submitted by David and Lin from Huanchaco, Peru, South America

Lin and I (David) were hunting sea glass, "glassin'", on our local beach in Huanchaco, Peru, South America.

This was a few days ago.

Along with quite a bit of nice glass, we picked up other things, like rocks, agates, pieces of metal, whatever - you just can't resist sometimes.

Then, Lin found this really nice old button!

We can't identify the material it is made of. On one hand it looks like bone.

On the other hand, it could be early plastic.

From some research on the net, it seems like it can't be REAL old, considering that it has 5 holes pretty close together.

One site stated that the technology for drilling holes close together is fairly new... but how new? It doesn't seem to be that hard to drill holes close together... hmmmm...

We couldn't find any other buttons with 5 holes in our brief search.

Anyone who knows something about buttons perhaps could help us out.

~ question submitted by David and Lin

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