Grandam from Ohio Finds Her Fist Beach Glass Marble

by Adelita Jorquera
(Port Townsend, WA, Jefferson)

~ sea glass story submitted by Adelita Jorquera from Ohio, United States

This August my husband's mom came to vacation with us from Ohio, and she was instantly hooked on sea glassing. 

So my nine year old daughter, my husband and I are showing grandma what to keep your eye out for different colors. 

We explained that find rare colors is something very special but finding a marble her second day here would probably be impossible. 

So we start our hike out to Glass Beach and are about ten minutes into our walk

Maybe half a mile from the parking lot we decide to stop for a drink of water by a large glacier rock. 

So we are standing around and grandma looks down and at the feet is an orange cat eye marble.

Of course we all did the "marble dance" and took lots of pictures and promptly sent pictures to grandpa in Ohio.

Grandma had so much fun we sea glassed all five days she was here.

~ submitted by Adelita Jorquera

sea glass colors line

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