Sep 14th / 2013 Sea Glass Javex Bottle Bottom

by Nicole Blanchard
(Bathurst,New Brunswick,Canada)

Javex bottle bottom

Javex bottle bottom

~ sea glass photo submitted by Nicole Blanchard from Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada

I wonder how rare it is to find the whole bottom with the stamp clearly visible?  

~ submitted by Nicole Blanchard

sea glass colors line

Added Information from OdysseySeaGlass:

The bottle bottom pictured is from a Javex bleach bottle, apparently a well-known brand of bleach sold in Canada and other parts of the world.

Since Lin and I have never lived in Canada, we aren't familiar with Javex ourselves and wanted more information on what this bottle was.

It's interesting to note that I did a diligent search for Javex on the internet but turned up almost no real information on the Javex company.

Wikipedia states, "Clorox acquired the Javex line of bleach products sold in Canada, and similar product lines in parts of Latin and South America, from Colgate-Palmolive in late 2006. In Canada, where Clorox-branded products were not previously available, the acquired products were briefly known as "Javex by Clorox", but have since fully transitioned to Clorox."

However, Wikipedia must be confused. A search on the Bing search turned up the following page and photo.

Product shot of Javex 12 bleach

So, apparently, Javex is still marketed in Canada by Clorox as a Professional Product.

I had already looked up Colgate's USA site as well as their
Canadian site

A search using Clorox's own search box on both sites turned up several pages that supposedly mentioned Javex.

But when I read those pages, I didn't find "Javex" anywhere.

There are many photos of old Javex bottles on the net from collectors, etc, but very little other information.

Other bottle collectors have lamented the lack of information on Javex and most other bottle history in Canada, and it's hard to believe that Clorox or someone else has not posted a history of this apparently well-known compay.


We need your help on this one. If you have any information at all on the history of Javex bottles, please share it with us in the comment area at the bottom of this page.

Thanks a bunch!

~ added information by David from

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sea glass colors line

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Comments for Sep 14th / 2013 Sea Glass Javex Bottle Bottom

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Aug 30, 2018
Full bottle bleach!
by: Colton n Kelsey

We found one! It's complete, and we found almost 250 pieces total tonight.

Nov 21, 2017
Javex - Canada
by: IslandSue

I have an amber glass gallon Javex jug which was made by the Dominion glass company, which was THE glass company in Canada that made a variety of glass (mason jars, bottles, insulators).

If there is a diamond on the bottom of your glass then it was made by the Dominion glass company.

I read that glass bleach bottles were discontinued after 1962.

Hope this is helpful!

Jan 27, 2015
Javex Bottle
by: Tess

I have a Javex bottle all intact that we found on our farm property.

I didn't know it came in glass bottles.

Feb 15, 2014
Javex Shard
by: Jodie

Just found a big Jarvex shard today.

Whole word Jarvex is intact.

Looks like it came from their tall, rectangular shaped bottle.

Sep 17, 2013
Javex Bottle Bottom
by: Anonymous

There is additional information on this website:

Hope it is helpful.

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