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Latest Sea Glass Beach Reports, Photos - Blazing Hot or Bitter Cold
February 08, 2017

David and LinHi! We hope you are doing well in spite of what's going on in the world around us :)

Spring for those in the N. Hemisphere is just around the corner - it's a tough corner though so hang in there.

Here in Peru south of the Equator, it is steaming hot. Today the weather report says to look for a high of 83F (28C), very humid, with real feel of 96F (37C). No one we know has air conditioning including yours trulies.

Unfortunately we are so busy with dentist, doctor, work and other fun stuff that we haven't been able to get to the beach just 2 blocks away! Amazing but true. However, we plan on fixing that real soon. 

Are you planning a beach trip? Where? Drop us a line and let us know -

Here are two photos of Lin's collections I took today.

In This Odyssey Sea Glass Newsletter:

  • Winner of the January 2017 Sea Glass Online Photo Contest

  • New Posts with Photos and Sea Glass Reports from Around the World

Winner of the January 2017 Sea Glass Online Digital Photo Contest is...

Sea Glass Online Digital Photo Contest Winner

Photo of the Month Winner January 2017

"Pink Gloucester Sea Glass" by

Michele Kaplan

Congratulations, Michele!

The February 2017 Photo Contest is Open and Running!

Everyone is invited to submit a photo to our Monthly Sea Glass Photo Contest - just click here and follow the instructions closely.   

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Here are the newest pages and also some you may have missed.

Selected Pages from Odyssey and Contributors:

Feb 07, 2017

How old is it and what could it have been?

How old is it and what could it have been? Slightly larger than a quarter. Light greenish grey in color. It has iridescent mixture of triangular imprints

Continue reading "How old is it and what could it have been?"

Feb 05, 2017

What Logo on Blue Beach Glass?

This is a piece form Boynton Beach FL. Trying to figure out what company logo is on the glass. Only a slight curve, and relatively thick, not beer

Continue reading "What Logo on Blue Beach Glass?"

Feb 05, 2017

Japan Beach Find - Brake Light from Motorcycle?

Anyone know what this might be? It is not broken. It was found on the beach in Okinawa, Japan. We are wondering if it is a brake light from a motorcycle?

Continue reading "Japan Beach Find - Brake Light from Motorcycle?"

Jan 30, 2017

Pease help identify piece of clear glass with letter R and possibly an L or E

The letter R is 7/8 inches high. Clear glass. Found in Los Angeles on 1/29/17 Scroll down for comments... Check out some more pages on Sea Glass

Continue reading "Pease help identify piece of clear glass with letter R and possibly an L or E"

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