My First Marble Finds

by Sue R
(Milwaukee, WI., USA)

Marbles, Green

Marbles, Green

~ sea glass photo was submitted by Sue R, Milwaukee, WI., USA

I was excited to find my first marbles; I'm new to this obsession and I don't know why I started in the cold months of
winter, but that's when I got the bug.

So, there I was, hunting for beach glass on a wintery day (Feb. 20th, 2016) on the shores of Lake Michigan (near Bayview, WI) - and I find not one, but two (!) marbles.

Of course, I'm always looking for fabulous glass, but marbles and pottery shards with intriguing designs are also on my list of desirables.

Me, being totally clueless, didn't even think about finding marbles; is this the holy grail of beach glass, I wondered?

Well, I was totally blown away and thankful for being so lucky! (I have heard others say they find marbles all the time, I'm not that lucky).

My favorite photos are the ones of the marble or glass as I found it.

Location: Milwaukee, WI, (USA) near Bayview

Photos taken with iPhone 5s

Weather: Cold, cloudy

~ sea glass photos submitted by Sue R, Milwaukee, WI., USA

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Comments for My First Marble Finds

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Apr 24, 2016
Look at those beauties!
by: Sue

Great marbles, thanks so much for posting that photo. I will most definitely check out the beach at Warnimont. Thanks for the info; I'll be looking for you and your bucket. I might be in pink boots! Cheers!

Apr 23, 2016
Warnimont Park Beach
by: Anonymous


I'd like to add that the reason the beach off Warnimont park is so productive is because there used to be an old bottling factory there.

It burned down a long time ago and instead of cleaning everything up, the place was bulldozed, then fill-dirt was put on top to create Warnimont Park.

Along the edges of the lake are areas that are eroding away on the cliffs and there are a few spots where you can see giant layers of glass in the dirt.

I've found tons of great glass bottles (Listerine, Windex, Clorox, milk bottles, etc.) and have found large, pristine chinks of glass characteristic to that beach.

While scrounging around in the dirt for bottles, I have found a handful of marbles, so I'm assuming they are eroding out of the cliffs.

I find the most glass on the beach right next to the Kelly Senior Center and Dog Park.

Happy hunting, Sue! I hope to see you there sometime. I'm always carrying a bucket, so if you see a glass hound with one, then say hello!


Apr 23, 2016
My marbles
by: Anonymous

Sue, you certainly must visit Warnimont! I've attempted to embed an image of my marbles. If it doesn't work, then I'll create a new post to show them.

Apr 20, 2016
55 Marbles!!!
by: Sue R

Holy cow! 55 marbles, that's fabulous. I'd love to see a photo of them, if you have one?
I need to check out Warnimont!
Cheers, and happy hunting!

Apr 17, 2016
Bayview area beaches
by: Miles

Great find, Sue! I've been to beaches in Bayview, but haven't found marbles there, yet. I have been finding tons at the beach off Warnimont Park just South of Bayview, and have managed to find over 55 marbles in just 8 months!

Mar 27, 2016
by: Adele Price

Well done!

I have only ever found two marbles, one on my local beach here in Norfolk UK and one in Tenerife Spain.

Keep hunting!

Mar 26, 2016
Thanks and image size
by: Sue R

Thanks for sharing the photos of marbles; I was wondering, on posted pictures: is there a way to get a larger image or are the set as are? Just wondering, thanks.


Hi Sue - unfortunately, photos uploaded by viewers are only available in the size you see here. This is due to an automated upload system for these photos.

Photos that Lin upload directly to the site our site can be much larger.

~ David

Mar 26, 2016
by: David

Wow, congratulations, Sue! I remember the excitement of finding my first marble. I really thought that I was never going to find one, I had looked so long.

Lin was finding marbles but not me.

Now, however, I have quite a few - but not enough to keep my heart from going into fibrillation when I find my next one!

~ David at Odyssey Sea Glass

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