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November 27, 2018

How are y'all doing today? Our hearts go out to those of you who may be in a country or state where wildfires are raging or where there is flooding or other disasters.

NOTE: This is going to be a long post so scroll down until something catches your eye - there are lots of photos wayyy down

Lin and I are currently living with our daughter and son-in-law in the State of Maryland, USA, as some of you already know (wish we were in Huanchaco "howdy" photo right now!).

Although there are beaches not far from us, they are on inner waterways with not much wave action. The beach glass we find near here is sometimes quite old but still has jagged edges with little rounding.

For that reason, we haven't been able to restock much of our sea glass for sale.

However, we have received a gift of a lot of impressive sea glass from our friend Ginnie in Jamaica. She has sent us some beautiful colors and patterns of sea glass from Jamaica. Thank you so much Ginnie!

To show our appreciation that gift, Lin will be making Ginnie some jewelry from select pieces of her glass..

As a result, we now have a limited amount of select Jamaican Beach Glass for sale in our store (see below).

You can read and see more about Jamaica's special glass beach with many photos by clicking or tapping this link: 

Jamaica's Sea Glass Beach

When you get to that page, keep scrolling down to see the series of photos and info Ginnie sent us over a period of time. Very exciting!

seaglass line

Here's what you'll find in this November 2018 edition of the Odyssey Sea Glass Newsletter.

  • Tides and Sea Glass

  • A Selection of Recent Pages from Lin and David at Odyssey and Our Many Contributors

Tides and Sea Glass

In general, low tide is the best time to find sea glass. Why?
There are various reasons:

  • In all cases, more beach is exposed at low tide.
  • In most cases, sea glass can be found distributed fairly equally between the high tide and low tide lines.
  • On some beaches, most of the good sea glass is found only at the very low tide line. An example would be Seaside, California.

Other beaches are not accessible at high tide due to rocks and cliffs.

Understanding Tides

To simplify matters, here we present tides in general terms.

This will fit fairly closely with what you'll find at beaches near you. However, local factors such as bays, headlands, islands, etc, will affect the timing of the tides.
  • Tides are caused mainly by the moon.
  • The moon's gravity pulls the earth's water towards it. The sun (being much farther away) also has a similar but much smaller effect.

Tides and Sea Glass Beaches

 At about the time when the moon is directly overhead, the higher tides occur.

(When the sun and moon both line up, the combination of their gravitational forces cause the very highest tides.)

Directly opposite the moon, on the other side of the earth, the water also bulges out to compensate, causing a secondary (antipodal) high tide each day.

The moon orbits the earth about every 24 hours and 50 minutes.

So if the highest tide today is 1:00 p.m., tomorrow it will be at about 1:50 p.m.

Since there are two bulges (sublunar and antipodal), there are two high tides per day, about 12 hours and 25 minutes apart.

Logically, there are also two low tides per day. So the time between high tide and low tide will be about 6 hours.

Planning Your Sea Glass Hunt - Tides

To make the most of a sea glass day, plan your trip when high tide is in the early morning.

You'll be able to start hunting while the tide is dropping and be able to count on a fairly clear beach for most of the day.

For example:

High tide at 6:00 a.m. Low tide will be about 12 noon and the next high tide about 6 p.m.

If you get to the beach at 7:00 a.m., you'll have a lot of beach showing until about 4 p.m.

Warning! Some beaches that appear to be safe at low tide are dangerous at high tide. This is especially true of any beach that is in front of cliffs or large rocks.

You may get stranded or worse when the tide comes in.

Always check to make sure what time high tide is so that you will not get caught by the tide coming in.

Tide charts are usually available at your local fishing supply store or bait shop.

To check tides online, go to the official NOAA site and find spot nearest your beach destination.

Our Sea Glass and More for Sale...

Please take a look at our store while you have a few moments as we are continually adding items that you may not have seen before.

Note that we are starting to sell other sea glass items, especially the Display Windows and the Gift Package as well as beginning to add T-shirts and other items that make great gifts:

Moving on to your possible sea glass experiences, we continually get reports and identification questions about sea glass etcetera.

You can check out these....hopefully to answer a question or submit a comment, photo, or question of your own.

Here are the latest photo submissions:

New Posts with Photos and Sea Glass Reports from Around the World

Did You Miss These Exciting Blogs?

Selected Pages from Odyssey and Contributors

Nov 21, 2018

Possible design?

Hi just found this the other day. It’s not seaglass it’s like a type of pottery or porcelain. Anyone know if this is a design or is it just marked up

Continue reading "Possible design? "

Nov 08, 2018

What would this turquoise nugget have once been a piece of?

I was so lucky to find this gorgeous chunk of deep turquoise sea glass. Found on Minster beach, Isle of Sheppey during the summer. I would like to know

Continue reading "What would this turquoise nugget have once been a piece of?"

Nov 08, 2018

Looks like sea glass.... but it's not clear...?

Hi, I picked this piece up because I thought it was black seaglass, but when I got home, I realized it's not. It is frosted outside and has chips which

Continue reading "Looks like sea glass.... but it's not clear...?"

Nov 08, 2018

What is this???

Hello, I know this isn’t sea glass, but I am very curious about what I found. I found this in Quincy MA and I was wondering how old it is and if it’s anything

Continue reading "What is this???"

Nov 08, 2018

Malta & Gozo

Not a specific beach but the small pebbled bays and coves around the islands have given up some nice finds, including some pottery and a dark purple piece

Continue reading "Malta & Gozo"

Nov 08, 2018

Roque Bluffs State Park

Roque Bluffs State Park Roque Bluffs Maine Spent a little over an hour and found approximately 8 pieces of nicely frosted and smooth sea glass and one

Continue reading "Roque Bluffs State Park"

Nov 08, 2018

# on seaglass

This piece it about the size of a letter button on a key board and actually looks like one but made from glass..Does anyone know what it would be from

Continue reading "# on seaglass"

Oct 24, 2018

Lavender glass bottom shard - marked something “LY” then “11th”?

The letters I can make out include a Y and the numbers 11. With a superscript after the 11 underline which leads me to believe maybe it says 11th? There

Continue reading "Lavender glass bottom shard - marked something “LY” then “11th”?"

Oct 21, 2018

Black or Olive Green?

Is this piece considered black, or is it olive green? Found on East End Beach, Portland ME. I just moved to the area and have started collecting over the

Continue reading "Black or Olive Green?"

Oct 18, 2018

Anyone know what this is.

Flat back round front. Lime green

Continue reading "Anyone know what this is. "

Oct 18, 2018

west beach uk

west beach littlehampton uk

Continue reading "west beach uk"

Oct 18, 2018

west beach

west beach littlehampton UK 12 pieces all frosted A safe beach

Continue reading "west beach"

Oct 18, 2018

Black glass found on galveston island

Large thick piece of an old bottle neck found on the west end of Galveston Island texas today

Continue reading "Black glass found on galveston island"

Oct 07, 2018

Sea Glass or not

Can anyone tell me if any of these pieces are sea glass. They came from Outer Banks, N.C.

Continue reading "Sea Glass or not"

Oct 04, 2018

Monday October 1st, Lake Erie, edgewater beach, found this old piece of a Pepsi cola bottle!

Pepsi cola sea glass fragment found

Continue reading "Monday October 1st, Lake Erie, edgewater beach, found this old piece of a Pepsi cola bottle!"

Oct 04, 2018

Lake Erie "Lucky Stones" 9/15/2018

Most people who live on Lake Erie, (Part of the Great Lakes) USA, are well aware of Lucky Stones. These treasures that roll up on our beaches actually

Continue reading "Lake Erie "Lucky Stones" 9/15/2018 "

Oct 04, 2018

Wow - Lake Erie Treasure 9/15/2018

My Happy Place is walking the beach, any beach! This love of treasure hunting began as a young child with my mom. Actually, on this date, it was my

Continue reading "Wow - Lake Erie Treasure 9/15/2018"

Oct 04, 2018

Tolchester & Betterton MD

went exploring as tide was going out Visited Tolchester Beach at marina in front of restaurant, and Betterton in MD Such a discouraging day. Every piece

Continue reading "Tolchester & Betterton MD"

Sep 30, 2018

9/29/2018 Dauphin Island Alabama! Sea Glass in Alabama! I think so!

We love going to the beach or bays here in Alabama. There is always plenty of beautiful sea glass. We have tons and some very beautiful pieces! I

Continue reading "9/29/2018 Dauphin Island Alabama! Sea Glass in Alabama! I think so!"

Sep 30, 2018

Dauphin Island Al

My Beautiful Red Piece! I have many Amazing piece's from our Bays and Beaches here in Alabama. We go every low tide!

Continue reading "Dauphin Island Al"

Sep 30, 2018

Sept 14 Lake Erie Beach Glass Deep deep red. Very old

Need help with this piece. Very deep deep red. Looks like an old light bulb the bottom of one at least. Up against flash light it will show how deep the

Continue reading "Sept 14 Lake Erie Beach Glass Deep deep red. Very old"

Sep 30, 2018

Marquet Beach, France, near Monaco

Marquet Beach in France, near Monaco I found about 60 pieces of well tumbled sea glass on Marquet Beach in France, walking distance from Monaco. About

Continue reading "Marquet Beach, France, near Monaco"

Sep 30, 2018

I’d like to identify what this piece’s origin possibly is and it’s rarity and color.

The piece itself looks to be part of a base of a bottle, probably a little larger (in its original form) than a standard coca-cola bottle. This piece

Continue reading "I’d like to identify what this piece’s origin possibly is and it’s rarity and color."

Sep 30, 2018

Found thos piece of beach glass in Lake Michigan just off Beaver Island. It is white, approx size is 2 inches. The markings are UNT.40Z.

2 (a symbol) 164

Continue reading "Found thos piece of beach glass in Lake Michigan just off Beaver Island. It is white, approx size is 2 inches. The markings are UNT.40Z."

Sep 22, 2018

How old is this piece of glass?

Found this shard of glass on the beach at Millclose Howles near Marske on rthe Sea, North East England. It is marked with the letters; ‘ADCA’ although

Continue reading "How old is this piece of glass?"

Sep 12, 2018

9-8-18 private beach

the largest piece of orange I've ever found!

Continue reading "9-8-18 private beach"

Sep 12, 2018

Giardini del Tempio Voltiano

Giardini del Tempio Voltiano Como Lake Como, Italy I found about 30 pieces of green, clear and brown beach glass and one piece of opaque white glass.

Continue reading "Giardini del Tempio Voltiano"

Sep 05, 2018

Some sea glass and beach finds from Sydney Australia

Sydney sea glass and beach finds

Continue reading "Some sea glass and beach finds from Sydney Australia"

Sep 02, 2018

Keyport beach

Keyport beach Keyport Nj So many to count but beautiful colors

Continue reading "Keyport beach "


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