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Odyssey Newsletter - Marvellous Marbles & Photo Contest Winner
April 01, 2013

David and Lin Sea GlassThere are few things more exciting to a sea glass hunter than finding a perfectly-frosted marble, especially if the marble also is of a rare color.

We're going to talk about marbles a little below and post some photos, but first:

Here's what you'll find in this edition of theOdyssey Sea Glass Newsletter.

seaglass line

Winner of the March 2013 Sea Glass Photo Contest

Sea Glass Photo Contest Winner January 2013
The winning photo is "Sea Glass at Sunrise" by Barb Youchah in Long Branch, New Jersey, USA.
Congratulations, Barb!

Sea Glass Treasures
An honorable mention goes to Jerry Jones in Virginia Beach, Virginia for photo "Fractured Finds."

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Marvellous Marbles

I'm sure you'll agree that one of the most exciting finds for a beachglasser is a marble - and even more exhilirating when it is of a rare color.

Americans in the past were in love with marbles.

Even though marbles are still popular items at toy stores, we just can't compare with the marble lovers during the heyday of marbles in the USA between 1900 and 1950.

Imagine, just one of many US companies produced ten million marbles in one year!

So even though an extremely small percentage of those would make it to a beach, the numbers still add up to quite a quantity.

Haven't found a marble on a beach yet? Keep looking, chances are good you'll eventually find one... or two... or more.

Here is what a few marbles looked like when we found them:

sea glass marble sea glass marble
sea glass marble sea glass marble
sea glass marble sea glass marble

How old are these marbles? It is hard to say precisely.

However, the two at the bottom are "cat eye" marbles; cat eyes were first made in Japan in 1950, so these two at least were made since that time.

Here you can see the difference in size between marbles that you might find:
sea glass marble assortment

Although the small yellow most likely was originally a size known as a peewee (usually less than 1/2 wide when made), the others show various stages of being worn down by grinding of rocks and pebbles.

The wear does not indicate how old a marble is. A marble that has been buried or protected from the waves can have very little wear and still be older than a worn marble.

As well as whole marbles, you can also find pieces of marbles like the two above.

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Bugle Call

If you have a special arrangement of sea glass colors, we would love to see it. On our Sea Glass Forums page, there are several different photo forums where you can upload your sea glass colors.

Hey! Are you into crafts?

There is a good selection of sea glass we've recently uploaded in many colors as well as driftwood and other beach finds just right for your arts and crafts.

Check Sea Glass For Sale on Odyssey

Also, take a look at our popular Etsy shop...

And for ideas on what to do with your beach finds, take a look at these Pinterest beach craft photos...

  Smiley Enjoy!

Have you missed out on the new pages and blogs at Odyssey Sea Glass?

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Happy hunting to all!

David and Lin Schneider

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