Another Place, Another Time - Sea Glass Poem

by Sandra Ervin Adams
(Midway Park, NC, USA)

Dundee, Scotland

Dundee, Scotland

~ submitted by Sandra Ervin Adams

Another Place, Another Time

Through a computer screen I see, enlarged, a pendant
for sale, fashioned from materials found
while walking early mornings on a Scottish beach.
The artist prizes nature’s castoffs more than manmade.
She paired the two with a pearl, a glass bead,
added a silver chain, created a jewelry piece.
Pounded and tumbled by waves, water, and wind,
a smooth, stone-shaped sliver of clear glass
from a whiskey bottle, and a rose-and-white,
floral-patterned pottery shard
from some Highland lady’s plate.

Sandra Ervin Adams

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Sea Glass Scotland Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland - North Sea Treasures
Authentic, unique, and one- of-a-kind sea glass and sea pottery collected from the North Sea coast.

Sea Glass Scotland Arbroath
Arbroath, Scotland
I decided to read an old book my mother had laying around the house. It was the summer after I graduated college and needed something to fill my time since.

Comments for Another Place, Another Time - Sea Glass Poem

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Thank you for the comments!!
by: Sandra

Thank you, Dave and Em!

By the way, my poem was from memory after I saw a seaglass piece online and then couldn't find it again.

Em, please do get creative! These lovely "tidbits" of glass and pottery are breathtaking and do stir the imagination!

Loved the poem
by: Em

Loved the poem and was hoping there was a picture of the jewelry piece you were describing.

I'm not a poet but your poem made me want to find the time to sit down and create a sea glass piece.

Thanks for sharing.

Nice poem!!!
by: Dave

I hope others will follow Sandra's example and add some nice verse about sea glass or beaches so we can all enjoy.

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