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Odyssey Newsletter - Winning Photo and Top Five Problems of Best Beach
March 03, 2013

There's been a lot of discussion about what are the top ten, top five, or whatever beaches for sea glass. Lin and I even have a page where you can give your opinion, and we invite you wholeheartedly to give your opinion - Top Ten Beaches for Finding Sea Glass.David and Lin Sea Glass

But what we've found while crusing the internet is that the lists of best sea glass beaches just don't cover the bases - they are either incomplete or downright inaccurate.

Here's what you'll find in this edition of theOdyssey Sea Glass Newsletter.

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The Top Five Problems with Best Glass Beaches Lists

  • Few are based on first-hand knowledge by an experienced sea glass collector.
  • In some cases, what makes the beach a good sea glass beach just isn't stated.
  • The lists don't differentiate between mediocre glass, good sea glass, and fantastic sea glass. 
  • There are few or no photos to substantiate the claims of what are the better beaches.
  • Sources aren't listed (for example, a list of top 5 coffees would be worthless if the source was my neighbor Joe. The same is true of beach sources.)

The Real Problem with Lists

Real problem #1 is that it isn't possible to compare beaches. It's like apples or oranges, which is best? 

Actually, it just isn't possible to make a "1, 2, 3," list of best beaches because each is so different in at least the following factors:
  1. The colors - rare or not
  2. The amount of sea glass - lots or little
  3. The quality of the sea glass - nicely tumbled and frosted, or raw and unfinished
  4. Is the beach known enough to even make it to a list
  5. Is it accessible to you and me
In spite of the difficulties of making a list of best sea glass beaches, likely any serious collector will rate one beach the top beach in the world at the current time:

#1 Sea Glasser's Destination - Seaham Beach, England 

As the old saying goes, "the proof is in the pudding." There are many photos, first-hand reports, and the beach is accessible to the public.

To find out more about Seaham Glass Beach, see these links to many amazing photos and reports.

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Winner of the February 2013 Sea Glass Photo Contest

Sea Glass Photo Contest Winner January 2013
The winning photo is "Valentine's Find" by Cathy. of Rock River, Ohio.
Congratulations, Cathy!

Sea Glass Treasures
An honorable mention goes to Kerry in Massachusetts for photo "Sea Treasures" which also garnered many votes.

Bugle Call

If you have a special arrangement of sea glass colors, we would love to see it. On our Sea Glass Forums page, there are several different photo forums where you can upload your sea glass colors.

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Hey! Are you into crafts?

There is a good selection of sea glass we've recently uploaded in many colors as well as driftwood and other beach finds just right for your arts and crafts.

Check Sea Glass For Sale on Odyssey

Also, take a look at our popular Etsy shop...

And for ideas on what to do with your beach finds, take a look at these Pinterest beach craft photos...

  Smiley Enjoy!

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Happy hunting to all!

David and Lin Schneider

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Buy Sea Glass

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