Richard and Karen - Glass Beach Washington

by David Schneider
(Port Angeles, WA)

We met Karen and husband Richard (not shown)

We met Karen and husband Richard (not shown)

Lin was feeling not too bad yesterday, so we headed to the beach.

Although it was drizzling when we left home, the weather cleared up and it was a beautiful winter day.

We weren't the only ones who found it that way.

We ran into several other pairs of people looking for sea glass and quite a few out walking their dogs.

After we had been at the beach for an hour, we met a couple, Richard and Karen, who love to comb the beach also.

Both Richard and Karen have the most agreeable British accents (as a contrast to our sloppy American accents - just kidding!)

Although they have not lived in the area long, Richard and Karen have lived in the States many years and now are living right near our favorite beach.

They are out on the beach quite often, so perhaps you'll run into them.

We had a good time talking with both Richard and Karen and getting excited over some of the beautiful pieces that both Richard (fire melt red and white) and Karen (see photos) had found.

In the photos above, Karen selected her favorites out of the sea glass and beach pottery they found.

When it comes right down to it, you just don't meet many unfriendly people when out beach combing. The unfriendly ones are not the type to go for a long walk on the beach enjoying the outdoors and "wasting" time!

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