Beach Glass - What do you think this is?

by Dan Porter
(Kenosha, Wisconsin)

Beach Glass - What do you think this is?

Beach Glass - What do you think this is?

~ submitted by Dan Porter in Kenosha, Wisconsin WI

Found on a beach in Kenosha and have no idea what it is.

But a marble fits in nice in the hole.

(scroll down to add your comments on what this might be)

Here's some more general info about Kenosha, Wisconsin:

Kenosha is a city and the county seat of Kenosha County in the State of Wisconsin in United States.

Kenosha is the fourth-largest city on the western shore of Lake Michigan, following Chicago, Milwaukee, and Green Bay.

Situated pretty much right where it needs to be for sea glass, Kenosha lies on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan.

Kenosha is ringed by an emerald necklace of recreational city and county parks, and has eight miles (29 km) of Lake Michigan shoreline frontage, nearly all of which is public.

Although we don't have beach glass reports from the following park, they might be of interest:

At Lake Front Park, a paved path winds around a playground before it heads towards the lakefront and Kenosha Harbor.

Alford Park is a mostly undeveloped shoreline with a parking lot traversed by a paved bike path. Shaded picnic areas are available on the West side of Alford Park Drive.

Next, take a look at these pages on beach glass finds in the Kenosha area:

Sea Glass
Pennoyer Park - Kenosha, Wisconsin
Two of us spent a half hour and we found four really small pieces, all about a half the size of a dime. This beach doesn't ...

Sea Glass
Simmons Island in Kenosha WI
From the boat channel to the top of this beach, a nice variety of sea glass can be found. We've been there twice in the past week. Colors found included pink and various degrees of dark green.

Sea Glass Kenosha Wisconsin WI
Lake Michigan, Simmons Island Beach
In Kenosha Wisconsin, USA, Me and my three daughters ages 11 to 3 gathered these together.  Perfect day...

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Mar 09, 2015
by: Scott

Wow it really looks like the shape of the heart. It is amazing how that marble fits perfectly in that rock piece.

May 09, 2014
Candle holder
by: Anonymous

Orange glass Villeroy boch candle holder.

Good possibility, Anon! Here's what it the original MIGHT have looked like:

orange glass candleholders

- photo courtesy of on Etsy

Feb 28, 2013
Fire Melt
by: Pete

My best guess would be a beer bottle thrown into a beach bonfire that melted down and puddled over a small round rock which caused the depression in the center.

The excessive pitting looks like it may have been caused by the melted glass bubbling in the ashes of the fire.

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