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Sea Glass Trips and Snips
January 16, 2016

David and LinWe're already 15 days into 2016.

Well, I guess you all knew that already. Here in the Southern Hemisphere, it is just started to really feel like summer.

Lin and I had to go to Lima, the capital of Peru, for visa paperwork dealing with Lin's resident status.

Lima is about 9 hours by bus south of where we live in Huanchaco, Peru.

Lin on bus to lima peru
Lin on Bus to Lima, Peru

Since these buses are used way more than private transportation, they are very luxurious. Most people leave at night, sleep on the very laid-back seats, and arrive at their destinations in the morning.

We did get to the beach in Lima eventually to look for sea glass (with no high hopes, however), more on that in a second.


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In Search of the Elusive Sea Glass

The long-distance buses in Peru are quite different than buses in the more developed countries. Along the coast, much of the bus ride looks like this:

Very Tropical Desert
Very Tropical Desert

The highway to Lima from north or south runs through very tropical desert. Huh? Yes, no rain as you can see above means no life. But wait, when you get to a river valley with irrigation, it is lush and tropical with sugarcane, papayas, bananas, mangoes, coconuts, passion fruit, pineapples, and believe it or not, rice paddies!

Last Wednesday, we got to Lima in the midst of early morning rush hour, unfortunately, and it took a long time from the northern limits of Lima to get to the center, where we caught a taxi to Interpol and then to the hostel in the Miraflores area where we had reserved a room.

Enjoy Hostels Lima
"Enjoy Hostels" in Miraflores, Lima

Later in the day, we walked from the hostel with the curious name to the beach below the cliff-hanging Larcomar Shopping Center. 

Although Lima is generally quite cool and cloudy, the weather this time really let us know how deep in the tropics Lima is. It was HOT.
Hot in Lima looking at beach

Between the city above and the beach there is a cliff of 240 feet.

Walking down the steps, we didn't really think too much about those figures.

However, the weather at the beach was in the mid 80s and humid. We looked for beach glass for awhile but we might have better spend the time people watching and thinking about walking back up the stairs.

I thought about it later - that's like climbing the stairs up a 24-story building. Sweating. Happy to be on top of things again.

Shells fouind on beach in Lima
Although we only found 2 tiny pieces of sea glass, we did enjoy finding these really orange shells as well as other beach finds (no more photos though)

Actually we did spend a lot of time people watching, especially the wannabe surfers hanging out trying to look macho pretty much like at any medicocre surf town in the world.

I did mention that the weather was probably 85 degress and humid didn't I? Like Miami in the summertime.

Beach time summer crowd during the week Lima
Midweek Summer Crowd in Lima

Surf a lots
With Wannabe Surfers

We had reported on sea glass on Lima beaches a couple of years ago, when we did find some. See

The beaches along the ocean, though, are constantly being back-filled with rocks to prevent erosion, so glass gets covered up and hard to find.

In about one week, we will be back in Lima. We plan on exploring a nearby beach where we're almost sure there is going to be some very good sea glass. We'll take photos!

And... happy hunting in cold or hot weather!

David and Lin

Winner of the December 2015 Sea Glass Photo Contest

Sea glass photo contest winner

"Spring tides in Prince Edward Island"

Congratulations to you, Dianne, from all us 'glassers! 

sea glass colors line

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sea glass colors line

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David and Lin in Huanchaco - Sea Glass Newsletter

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