Bar Island - Bar Harbor, Maine - Sea Glass

by Matt
(Pennsylvania, USA)

photo by  T.Rose - Oct 06, 2016 (see comments)

photo by T.Rose - Oct 06, 2016 (see comments)

Bar Harbor, Maine Sea Glass

The rock bound coast of Maine is a great place to find sea glass of all colors.

The glass in Maine has a tendency to collect at the high tide line on Bar Island which you can walk to at low tide across a sand bar.

~ by Matt (Pennsylvania, USA)


October, 2016

This report was submitted on Oct 25, 2015. Lin and I had received other reports on sea glass from Bar Harbor. Looking it up on the map, though, we saw that it indeed is a harbor, which means protected waters which means no waves which means very poorly-tumbled glass.

We did not get any photos from all the glass reported (see all the comments below) until the date of the photo above by T. Rose (in Catch of the Day)

The photo shows some interesting glass, but as we stated, the glass is obviously hardly tumbled and resembles broken glass more than what you would consider beach glass.

Thank you, T. Rose, for finally giving us a photo so we know what to expect
when heading for Bar Harbor.

Please, all, read the comments below before planning a trip to Bar Harbor.

Although Bar Harbor may not be a very good destination for sea glass, the area is beautiful and well worth visiting. Hiking the beaches near Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park is very rewarding for other beach finds, amazing scenery, and very rewarding.

David and Lin at OdysseySeaGlass

Hotels in Bar Harbor

OdysseySeaGlass appreciates this and all reports we receive, but we have not been to this beach ourselves and cannot verify this report. As always, we remind folks that sea glass beach reports are not confirmed by Lin or me at Odyssey Sea Glass unless otherwise stated.

Reports that do not include photos of the sea glass found are less reliable. Please use your own judgement in deciding whether to travel to this particular beach or not.

Sea Glass
David and Lin

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Comments for Bar Island - Bar Harbor, Maine - Sea Glass

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Jun 05, 2018
RE: Jewelry-grade glass in Bar Harbor June 3 2018
by: David

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for your additional information - it will be big help for all.

To upload your photos, please go to our page

In the text section write a note to me (David) to add these to Bar Island - Bar Harbor, Maine - Sea Glass page.


David and Lin at Odysssey Sea Glass

Jun 03, 2018
Jewelry-grade glass in Bar Harbor - June 3, 2018
by: Anonymous

There is jewelry-grade glass in BH, you just have to know where to look.

Some beaches are definitely not worth going to, like sand beach, or any beaches in the park for that matter.

However, on the far side of Bar Island you can find a lot of thick, well-worn pieces.

Additionally, antique pottery and china shards can be found. Lots of bottle stoppers and kick-ups as well, you just have to be persistent.

I have photos of jewelry grade A pieces that I have found in BH, and would love to share them, but I can't find a way to do it in this comment.

Oct 16, 2017
Mt Desert Island Sea Glass -- Hulls Cove - October 2017
by: DonnaRae Wolf

Lots of sea glass found along the Maine coastline, this week in October, over the last several years.

Mostly clear and brown, but have found a few pieces of PINK, PALE BLUES & PALE GREENS this year.

Even found two(2) small pieces of deep RUBY RED.

Most pieces are very small but can be used for any number of crafty things.

Larger or small pieces are well rounded and frosted.

All have been found at the high tide line then down over the beach as the tide pulls the out. And also found right at the low tide waters edge.

Each photo taken is marked right on the baggie, where & date found.

Restroom are available, Bar Harbor, Seal Harbor & Sand Beach. No dogs allowed!
Camera: Nikon D7000 w/AF-S DX Nikkor 18/300mm lens, using micro setting in full sunlight.

Oct 08, 2016
Bar Harbor
by: JanetM

I definitely want to get to Bar Harbor one of these days for a sea glass hunt, and to visit again... it's been many many years, but we visited family every year when I was growing up.

My mom grew up in Bar Harbor and graduated HS there. Her brother, Liston Paquet and family remained there. I believe Liston was pretty well known back in the day.

Bar Harbor is definitely on my list as a place I want to get back to.

Oct 06, 2016
Outlying Bar Harbor, MN
by: T.Rose

Hubs and I walked a small coved beach just before the greater Bar Harbor area and gave it a half-hour.

Didn't find "gem" quality but were lucky enough to find some nice colors to include the following: Teal, yellow (patterned) and two pieces of either pink or lavender hue(s).

After looking at old maps, we've narrowed down the most likely historical "dump" site is probably close to the sand bar leading out to Bar Island and will give that a go tomorrow.

I share all beaches if they yield or not.

***Don't bother with Acadia Park's Sand Beach. Hubs spent 30+ minutes plus digging and only got two commons in the Craft A quality. Go for the scenery alone.

I'll upload a pic of what our little haul was today. It's nothing too spectacular, and most of it falls into the "grade A" craft quality but the colors make the pick more interesting....


OK, Rose! Thanks for the input and hope you can upload some photos or Send us an Email

Oct 26, 2015
Previous comments
by: >>>

May 19, 2013
Take realistic expectations 
by: Airon 

We recently spent a long weekend at Acadia.  

My mother is a sea glass lover and asked me to try to find a few pieces for her.  

This was my first time at finding sea glass, and needless to say, unfortunately, I didn't realize the difference between "keeper" sea glass, and stuff you need to throw back to keep "baking." 

And, let me add here - I hadn't seen the comment on here that mentioned that sea glass found in this area typically isn't fine quality -- BELIEVE THEM. 

At any rate, I dragged my husband over to Bar Harbor Island at low tide, based on several internet tips/suggestions.   In the long run, I (and my Mom as the receiver of said glass) were disappointed.  

First, know that the south and southeast side of the Island (where they tell you to look) is ROCKY!!  

If you have limited mobility or a bum foot/knee or bad back, this is NOT the place for you!  

My husband and I are fit and in our mid-30s and struggled to climb rock after rock searching for the elusive sea glass for about 2 hours. 

Did we find glass?  

Oh, yeah. Probably 30 pieces or more, including a few blues and turquoises (in addition to the more common colors).  

But, we didn't find anything jewelry quality.  

Everything we took was "somewhat frosted" and not sharp, but definitely not what sea glass aficionados tend to look for.  

The best I can say for it is that we found a few interesting pieces that will be pretty in a glass jar.  

My suggestion?   If you're already in the area, give this place a try but go in with realistic expectations.  

Enjoy the pretty view and take if for what it is.  

While there may be a few awesome pieces you find here and there, know that this is not jewelry quality sea glass. 

We tried Sand Beach (also in Acadia), but the beach was swept entirely clean -- we didn't find a doggone piece of anything -- not even sea weed.  

We heard a few suggestions to check at Frenchman's Bay at low tide (around the big houses near West St.) but didn't have time to walk that stretch of beach.  

That area is certainly less rocky. I'd try that next time. 

Oct 21, 2012
Thanks Bill. Not. 
by: Anonymous 

People like Bill here make me angry.

What? Sharing a beach means you'll never find any more seaglass there?  

The point is to SHARE.

Mama Nature will wash up more after the person you share it with has left. And they aren't MOVING there. Geez.  

So some of us share our best beaches and others read and go but never share theirs?  

You should have a rule that only those who have already shared info can access the beach lists.  

Aug 14, 2012
Bar Island Finds 
by: Anonymous 

Just returned from a week-long trip to Acadia and because of the comments here, I beelined it to Bar Island.  

I won't say I was completely disappointed, but I have found better. 

I found a lot of pottery-type interesting find was a piece of a saucer with pink flowers still visible.  

I did get a few glass pieces mostly on the east side of the bar.  Walking over to the actual island was disappointing.  

I find a lot of tiny shards mostly in the common colors. 

Our surprise find for the week was a tiny piece of red (yes red!)somewhere on the Park Loop Road... :-)  

Happy hunting! 


Comment from Odyssey Sea Glass - Please note that our comment in this report states, "This beach is in a bay - less wave action, less tumbling. Sea glass found here is not good quality."  David and Lin  

Mar 30, 2011
Found 1 Piece of Seaglass 
by: Judy 

Don't believe what they tell you about Bar Island in Bar Harbor.  

Worst place I have ever been to for picking seaglass.

They are telling you so you will drive hundreds of miles and spend money there. 

I suggest Belfast its much better picking.


Comment from Odyssey Sea Glass - Please note that our comment in this report states, "This beach is in a bay - less wave action, less tumbling. Sea glass found here is not good quality." 

David and Lin  

Oct 26, 2015
Previous comments
by: >>>

Sep 19, 2010
Pottery Shard on sand bar
by: Frank

Was in Bar Harbor last week.

Found a nice pottery shard : white with partial wording in blue " -AL OF MERIT-'.  

Blue decoration beneath the wording that looks like clouds.  

Any ideas on wht this was/is?


Aug 29, 2010
sea glass lover
by: Julia

Hi Everyone.

Flying to Boston in October from Bahamas and driving to Maine.   Would love to find a piece of sea glass to add to mine from the Bahamas.  

Will be stopping into Kittery.

Are there pieces to find it this location?


Aug 21, 2010
Bar Harbor sea glass
by: JM

I was there last weekend, and found a few small pieces on a small beach in Acadia, and a lot of really nice pieces on the beach outside our hotel on Frenchman's Bay , including pottery shards.  

Jul 20, 2010
sea glass in Bar Harbor area
by: Bill

I have a number of fine beaches in the Bar Harbor area.  

We are talking about Frenchman's Bay and there are a great many very good beaches or coves that catch all types and colors of sea glass, mostly very polished and clean.  

But I won't tell you which beaches are the best--it's a trade secret!  

Jun 28, 2010
Thumbs Up!
by: Danny

Bar Island was an excellent place to find sea glass.  

I even found some bits of broken china!  

Apr 02, 2010
nice spot to pick
by: freezininmaine

Went out to Bar Island last week, a great walk on the sand bar out, and quite a few real nice pieces of seaglass in hand for the walk back.  

This is definitely a place to get to before tourist season!!

Jan 15, 2010
by: Mike

Hi, my name is mike i am from maine.  

I find plenty of sea glass but you have to look for it, the comments that were made, (where can i find sea glass please give a location).

Hey i know i'll mail you the sea glass,come on you take all the fun out of it.  

Sep 28, 2009
seaglass lover
by: Anonymous

Going to bar harbor from florida to hunt seaglass.

Where are good locations?  Just for my our collection, I love the stuff!!!  

Jun 01, 2009
Specific Place on Bar Island for Sea Glass?
by: Tracy

I was just wondering is there any specific place on Bar Island where you found a lot of sea glass?  

What colors did you find?

Thanks for the info and happy hunting!

Please note everyone - not one photo of sea glass has been submitted from Bar Harbor.

Don't go there if you expect to find well-tumbled jewelry-quality sea glass.

As we state in the submission, Bar Harbor is a harbor - it is completely protected from wave action.  

There are no waves to tumble and round off the sea glass.

If anyone objects to our observation, please submit clear photos showing beach glass found at Bar Harbor so that everyone can really see what to expect.


We do appreciate all comments but would like photos to make sure.

David and Lin at

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