Squirrel Island Maine Sea Glass Report

by Dick Zieg
(Wiscasset, Maine)

Rocky Coast, Squirrel Island, Maine

Rocky Coast, Squirrel Island, Maine

~ by Dick Zieg - Wiscasset, Maine - September 2012

Squirrel Island, Maine Sea Glass Report

We took the ferry from Boothbay Harbor out to the island and were only there for a couple of hours and found lots of finished pieces...a lot of white and amber, some light blues and some pottery shards.

We found several odd shapes like they had been melted together. 

The locals obviously reseed the beach to keep the supply coming. 

There was some just added broken china when we were there and some new sharp glass.

Rate the beach: I would rate the beach excellent for numbers....not necessarily for color selection

OdysseySeaGlass appreciates this and all reports we receive, but we have not been to this beach ourselves and cannot verify this report.

  • No photos were included with this report.
  • Beach was not given a clear rating (stating number of jewelry-grade pieces found per hour).
As always, we remind folks that sea glass beach reports are not confirmed by Lin or me at Odyssey Sea Glass unless otherwise stated.

Reports that do not include photos of the sea glass found are less reliable. Please use your own judgement in deciding whether to travel to this particular beach or not.

David and Lin @ OdysseySeaGlass

Map of Squirrel Island, Maine, area:

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Comments for Squirrel Island Maine Sea Glass Report

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Nov 30, 2022
Not Worth A Visit
by: Anonymous

This is a private island and it is not allowed to remove sea glass. Also, the islanders are pretty rude about it and there were weird black rodents (weasels maybe?) scampering over the rocks and beach. Very buggy too.

Aug 27, 2018
Not allowed
by: Anonymous

Squirrel Island forbids the removal of material from the island. You are not allowed to take any seaglass with you, so this beach shouldn’t even be included.

Feb 17, 2017
Private Island
by: Anonymous

The "locals" DO NOT reseed the beach - don't know where the writer came up with this idea. It is a private island. Enjoy the scenery from the ferry.

Sep 20, 2016
Bad seaglass area
by: Anonymous

20 Sept 2016 - Hardly any glass left. Not worth the money to get out there. Lots of bugs.

Oct 07, 2014
Just OK
by: K. and D. Johnson

Yes this is a private island but if you are quiet and respectful we had no issues picking up some sea glass here.

There is one area where there is a huge amount of sea glass (off the ferry, stay to the left and cross the island down the dirt road), however it is a small area and it has been picked through many, many, many times.

All that remains are very small pieces. They are smooth but not of any color variety. Almost all white and green.

It is a nice trip out there for the day, however.

Jun 26, 2014
Private property
by: Anonymous

This island and its beaches are private property. Please respect this and do not trespass.

Mar 02, 2014
Private island
by: Anonymous

(comment removed - all caps not allowed)

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